World Of Warships Funny Fan Moments #4

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  1. The long awaited FAN funny compilation is finally here guys, longer and even more spicy than ever!
    Moreover there are 3 hidden easter eggs in the form of songs… What is so special about them? Well they can be found in animes that are posted only in HH…
    If you manage to find them then you have my respect for that but moreover you def need to check a doctor cos this means you probably are a degenerate weeb…
    If you want to watch me play live, chat with me in my server,send moments for my vids or support me you can do so here:

  2. トキサキクルミ

    Woahh… really? Night shift nurses theme song. I see that u’re not only a captain but a doctor doing research too huh.

  3. 7:43 one of these is not like the others~

  4. I burst out laughing at filthy Frank. Perfect

  5. 2:21 hello there

  6. NegotiatorGladiarius

    I’m a simple man. I see Daniel’s name and Gasai Yuno on the opening screen, I click Like 😉

  7. Enslaved singaporean

    Yuro: Bow tank in tirpitz
    Player at 6:24: Bow tanks and gets citadelled
    The player and me: *stares blankly*

    • To be fair, he was “almost” bow tanking. He turned in way too late… “Look, a cruiser, broadside is fine… ow shiiit”.

    • Well if you can overmatch his bow the citadel in the front is the thinnest at T8 and higly possible to citadel. I’ve even done it in my Warspite XD

  8. Чедомир Браевич

    5:50 music please)

  9. Tirpitz_Torpedo.exe has stopped responding please try pressing Ctrl+A(magi) to Return to the Rice Fields.

  10. 8:34 someone know the song?, i think i heard it somewhere :va

  11. 07:46 song anyone?

  12. Judson Hope Delamente

    What are the titles of the japanese songs that are used on this vid? Can someone tell me pls

  13. 7:48 a pic from Hirame, nice taste.

  14. 9:19 music please)

  15. 4:45 what name this muzik tell me please

  16. 7:42 The name “Ischknalldischwech” XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    Only Germans understand this

  17. 0:42 Damn, what’s this epic song?

  18. Spectacular_Insanity

    Wait, did I just witness a Smolensk running away from an Akizuki? Really? I love my Akizuki (one of my fav ships in the game), but shouldn’t a Smolensk easily be able to delete it at that kind of range?

  19. Blödsinn alles quatsch

    0:00 i need to know what the song is called! Can pls anyone tell me? I dont find it and i dont know what I need to search for.

  20. 1:33
    I see Gin, I PRESS subscribe <3

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