World of warships funny fan moments #7

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Here is the next one guys. A lot of epicness is stuffed here!


  1. The lag

  2. Lag is real boy waaaaaaa!!!!

  3. God mode, cheats detected, reported to cyber police

  4. What anime at 0:42

  5. Hey Daniel next time your on the us servers id like to play with you so i can redeem myself, if you can get your wows to work

  6. His moskva is an arp, which is also a transport ship?

  7. Unwn
    That hat i really don’t like it
    But really really good video Daniel Rusev
    And im still impressive of how you can kill them all
    Its just incredible

  8. Perhaps_A_Certain_Cunning_Sociopath

    0:40 To farm sulfur? I see that captain is a man of science as well

  9. 1:34 French Dressing

  10. Michael Søndergaard

    lol. heavy stuff. gj

  11. 5:21 What’s the song?

  12. 3:56 uff that myth & royd song men just ufffffff boogiebob wa waranai

  13. 4:04 I need that 02 picture

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