World Of Warships Funny – FUNNY DELETING MECHANICS / TFD Clan Edition

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World of Warships funny and epic compilation made from the games of my fellow clanmates is indeed unusual for this channel however I hope you will like it 🙂

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  1. Василий Сахаров

    Haven’t see Roma to be that accurate for a while lol

  2. That quick drop and sidestep in the Kaga to sink the Pobeda with secondaries was epic. 🙂

  3. Songlist pls? 🙂

  4. Gk so accurate how?

  5. that asashio that got the blind torp on CV was just sad. dude had damage con and smoke but decided to just die instead lol

    • I can see your point but think about this the saint louis is 5km out and the proxi spot range is 2km, so sitting in a smoke wasent a solution. Running wuldent work becaus ther wher planes spotting above and the asashio has special torps that can only hit bb and cv class vessels.

    • @Zreox but there is the idea that you can at least try to survive? And not just die without a fight? Damage con the fire, smoke to block spotting and run as far and as fast as you can even if there are planes. The point is that you try to live and not just accept an early death

    • @DGfubar you see even if you smoke you cant block spotting if ther is a plane above exept you stay inside of it. And your not doging shells on 5km so instead better take the best shot you have and taking out a cv is giving your team a huge advantage so i went for that.

    • @Zreox but the point is that you are at least trying to survive and not just letting a fire burn and be spotted by ships lol

    • @DGfubar like i said i see your point. Im not saying your wrong. But every now and then having a f it game is a fun change of pace wich was the case here (also why asashio was picked).

  6. Nice Video! Thank you.

  7. Great video I love the editing keep up the uploading.

  8. 102_ Tanmay Gangwar

    My god this is like wet dream for me I the only thing I hit is water.

  9. Danny’s song choices are always fire 🔥

  10. Is this World Of Warships or World Of Detonations 😁

  11. You know it’s going to be good starting with Battle Beast

  12. 2:14 Is there a brave Captain around who knows this song.

  13. Jajajaja que buena canción la de el último clip 🤣🤣🤣


    How much Luck ” Senpai_Silent_Detonation ” have for detonate this lot of ships ? P2w ?

    • I m free to play player lel


      @Senpai_Silent impossible to detonate 5 – 6 ships in one day, u detonate à Yamato with à Kaga, impossible bro, if that game was real ur Kaga sunk in 2min and u can back to port, RNG is with big play in bog clan just RNG bro, but i know u paid too

  15. What is that remix at 4:20 for the Kaga I neeeeed it

  16. Starting with battle beast. Good one. Like that

  17. Please mute the sound before watching.😁

  18. 7:18 how did that Shiki detoed ? torp hit center belt…

  19. Wtf is that GK dispersion, did it get buffed?

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