World Of Warships Funny – How Broken Is Zao?

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A new world of warships funny compilation is finally here with more memes and even more epic moments!!!

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Music Used:
Nightcore the sacred war female version
IJN march
It aint our time to die apex ost
Nightcore Marusya
Disco panzer
Doom theme
Devil Doll
IJN march – March Of the Battleship
Seven Nation Army Female Nightcore
Torpedo Nightcore
Initial D climax stage ost
metal gear solid theme
Vento dorifto eurobeat remix 2
Red Alert 3 soviet ost
Wangan Midnight Maximum ost 4
sea shanties female nightcore
Eurobeat Bitter Love
Initial D Fourth Stage ost


  1. Zao was my first tier X I unlocked in the game and will always be my favorite tier X even with the power creep its had over the years. cant complain when it comes to 20%+ Fire chance and AP when broadside…

  2. Good news about the Yamato shirt. Now I can wait until my broke ass can afford it

  3. Daniel had Houshou Marine on his Zao, that’s why he couldn’t die.

  4. I swear only a Petro could citadel those Dutch cruisers. They have surprisingly solid armor

  5. Love to you for polish “o kurwa” meme

  6. that nakhimov at the start is a clan mate of mine, safe to say i’m not sad to see him die in it.

  7. Meanwhile me in my Zao, getting killed in one salvo despite being angled af

  8. The Kremlin balistics joke and the bit about flame throwers was hilarious! keep up the great work Dan and the funny vids!

  9. and then zao XD

  10. @Daniel Rusev true

  11. Luis Ignacio Vargas

    I swear to God, I can’t get enough of the Yamato gun sound on the GK. That thing gives me life every evening after I come back from my consult.

  12. 11:09 that scream about the torps had me laughing my as off

  13. it is just a habbit at that point. The only benefit of ripple fire is that i can make slight changes for each shot. In a nutshell if there is a broadside target that you are sure u will hit just go full salvo and if there is a strangely moving target in a weird turn you can ripple fire and adjust each shot individually… In the end in 99% of the situations it doesnt matter which one u use tbh

  14. That Splash Damage Detonation on that DD was epic

  15. 2:15 – 4:45 … perfection

  16. The COH voice lines was a great addition.

  17. Masterful performance with the mighty Zao!! I prefer to be aggressive in the IJN cruisers too, wow damn I’m going to practice at doing that! Thanks for the replay gg

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