World Of Warships Funny – Improvise Adapt Overcome

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The New World Of Warships Funny and Epic Compilation is here!

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:

Music in the video:
Legend zyzz hardstyle
Bury the Light
un dos tres quatro mexican cat
Red sun in the sky remastered
Nick Key Burn you out eurobeat
Alen Aztec Viva Le France
Nightcore The Maze
Eurobeat no control
Apex It aint our time to die
Eurobeat VocalsElectro House re imagine FS remix ORANGEJAM
Nightcore Heruion afraid of my heart
Fall in the dark eurobeat


  1. Thank you Daniel for this kind of videos. One day we will wake up and see the Blitz on one map called Ocean. (joke)

  2. Im learning from ur videos how to fire torps and shells! Keep up the good job Daniel! 🙂

  3. when the zyzz music kicks in Wows

  4. Love the new music! Gives it a really good change from de past ones!

  5. perfect

  6. Allowing CVs in brawl mode is a brain fart large enough to produce sufficient amounts of gas to replace russian natural gas supplies to europe for at least a year.

  7. Joseph Hungerford

    I love the editing of the video , the music is kick , keep up the uploading

  8. We all are impressed with the brawls but the culture people are definitely interested in Dani-chan in a maid outfit.

  9. When Daniel-Rusev plays Henri IV on Brawls. I still like this ship

  10. 15:17
    Amazing plays vs destroyers. Nice angle, speeds, acuracy, aim… nice job, ure amazing!

  11. LOL that schlieffen at 14:03 caught me off guard with the HE citadels 😀 .

    CV in brawls ? ok. Getting charged and grinding the map border ? Low low move.

  12. Can you play ship tone to next video please :3

  13. Василий Сахаров

    Gotta upvote for “Bury the Light” moment already =D

  14. Funny brawl & good Maid Dani-chan, good work.

  15. Balance Of Judgement

    Everybody using GK, Shlieffen and Kleber…

    *laughs in carrier*

    Hint: Midway si by far the best.
    You get the occasional destroyer or cruiser that knows how to play and mess you up, but most people simply try to charge in without thinking when they see they’re up against a CV.
    Most interesting one i’ve had was CV vs CV… Parked our CVs next to eachother in the cap circle and had to finish the fight with secondaries due to all planes dying.

  16. Love your clips, gotta say i’m pretty curious about all the arts used to hide the map.

    Do you make them yourself ?
    Or is it a commissioned artist ?

  17. Never expected to hear a “El Sonidito” remix in a wows meme compilation

  18. And the smug Anya Dani-chan face is a nice touch too.

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