World Of Warships Funny – Incomparable Devastation

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A new World Of Warships Funny Compilation has finally arrived.
Starting strong with the mighty Incomparable devastation.

This one took a long time to make but it was worth it.

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  1. That Thunderer guy was not the sharpest tool in the shed

  2. Great vid Daniel, well played.

  3. I know what the Mino in the first clip was talking about. He isnt the only one who has been killed by invisible shells recently.
    The fact it was’nt all op is also quite surprising

  4. How about calling her HMS Devastation? It more suits for her lol

  5. Prisoner of the Highway

    Dude, the Hindi game at the end is my nightmare as a BB player. Whenever I have games like that I go play Minecraft for a few days lol.

  6. Flammenwerfer Hindi is now META
    WG: Always has been

  7. That was like seeing someone hit a Puppy with a rolled up Newspaper.
    Poor Goliath had a brown alert lol.

    • Coming around the corner broadside-on to a Shikishima that’s aiming at you from less than 5 km is a brown alert moment for anybody.

  8. 14:00 appropriately named victims in the screwed clan

  9. Ah yes, Incomparable. Pls stop, Jackie Fisher.

    3:10: Just Battleship Moskva doing Battleship Moskva things.

  10. When you realize Fenyang is technically Taiwanese:
    *-100000 social credit*

  11. You are the reason I’ve reinstalled this game literally every time. I love these vids. xD

  12. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    Thank you for putting in the music in the description
    This better than the last incident I did

  13. That first Conqueror’s life was most likely complete after getting killed by Daniel

  14. 13:52 Теперь понятно, кто забрал мои “Шансы на подсжёг”. Весь лимит исчерпал 🙁

  15. Wow. That welcome to the rice patty meme made me lose it. Hadn’t seen that one lol 😂

  16. Mom can we have Shiki?
    We have shiki at home:
    Shiki at home : *same dev strike, different feel*

  17. One of his best ones yet! Awesome!

  18. 0:54 That was timed perfectly. I know it isn’t special, but it’s so cool.

    • Yeah i know what you mean. It was a lot of work to sync the music with the visuals as much as possible but it def pays out

  19. Incomparable: The Britishness is strong with this one. Prepare to be colonised.

  20. Bro you r so good at this game
    commenters fs in the comments for the players that could not match daniel’s legendary world of warship skills

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