World Of Warships Funny – Join The Navy

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Have you ever wanted to see Daniels clanmates in action. Yes? Then this is your chance.
The entire video is dedicated about my clan which means that this time most of the gameplay is done by my friends there.
I hope you will enjoy this one because i put a lot of extra work compared to my previous edits. Hehehe if you like the extra “experimental” visual effects i may start doing them more often even though they are still hard for me to do!
And last but not least here is everything from great gameplay, dumb situations and hilarious RNGessus moments. Enjoy!


  1. Nice video with very good gameplay I love the montage!!!

    Could you put the link of the music you have used in the description please ? Especialy at 11:10 !
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Thor Van de Voorde

    Always great content nice videa Daniel

  3. I hope you enjoyed this one as much as i did. If you want to watch me play live, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:

  4. @Daniel Rusev
    The best intro ever, Tk by a mate, reward for 10 flags :p

  5. Man, your videos are always making my day. They are the most funny put together compilation of WoWS that I have the pleasure to watch and I laugh my ass off one minute and marvel it the moves you put on the torps and other players. Keep up the awesomeness, bud. Great job.

  6. 4:21 that made me laugh so hard wtf ??

  7. This video is top, Danny boy! Proud to be TFD with you. o7

  8. Awesome Vid Dani. Proud to be in TFD together and call you my friend.

  9. The intro alone made me like that video keep going love your videos

  10. Skeith Aurelius-Mixer

    I swear everytime I watch these makes me want to play the game………… I see how it is your hypnotizing me with these videos you sneaky person however I’ll play

  11. Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    That Izmail’s range finders are actually just the late Stalin’s eyeballs.

  12. 1:22 that moment! That one moment! My god that was Legendary steering there!

  13. When a Daniel ruse uploads a video

    Me: This cures my depression!

  14. Awesome video as always. Proud to be part of it and TFD clan

  15. 4:44 advanced sekrit Soviet naval technology. guns dont even need to face you to shoot you

  16. On behalf of TFD we would like to thank you, the amazing fans of Daniel Rusev, for the great reactions.

    TFD is an international clan on the EU server with members from all over Europe. We are a Semi-Casual / Semi-Competative clan where our core members have a Winrate between 50% and 60%. Because we only have a limited amount of spots available we have set these requirements. We want those new players to bring experience and skill so that TFD can become a stronger and better clan. Also we dont want to have a huge skill gap between our members. We division up and play a lot together. That helps us in becoming better players and acquire more knowledge.

    If you have what it takes, then feel free to apply. Again thank you all and a massive thank to Daniel.

  17. 11:10 this song will haunt me until i know the name

  18. I might not be the best BUT you certainly bring the fun of playing this game, I might have the requirements nor the ships youre asking for to be part of your clan but I truly admire someone as skilled as you. Thanks for being an inspiration to me to keep me playing this very game.



  20. 4:56 that moment when you fire more shells than the number of your guns can in one salvo.

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