World of Warships Funny Memes 102

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World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. Yea yea yea

  2. Devstriking CVs? Quite sure WG will revoke your CC status after this!

  3. WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - WoWs


  4. After YEARS of playing WOWS from the beginning, I only watch Jingles and Bou.
    Fk the rest

  5. Petro weak pls buff

  6. Any day is a good day when bou uploads

  7. Yeah yeah yeah! Love these vids

  8. the best music of all in this video would happen to be the 8 bit music. makes it fun. keep up the great videos bou

  9. Bou is the step bro that gets Ironman stuck, and denies all his damage, the power of friendship

  10. “The sub missed!”-Bou, 2022

  11. What’s the music at 3:50 called?

  12. When I get bad news during the week the WoW Meme video in the weekend always helps me feel better. Thank you for being so awesome, Bou.

  13. You has missed a meme repeatedly. You know, the one where you climb into the captains seat of a dd and the pressure switch turns on the sign that says: HERE I AM YOU HORRIBLE REDS SHOOT ME IF YOU CAN!!!!!

    every dd driver would agree that is what happens.

  14. Submarine missed! Yeah yeah yeah!
    -Easiest dodge 2022

  15. Stupid Z!!! HAHAHA🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Looking at the GK and Moskva I can only drool, I was so close to have both before my pc broken down. Damn it.

  17. Where are the memes?

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