World of Warships Funny Memes 114

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World of Warships memes and funny moments compilation with OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. I love how when you get excited you devlop a voice of a smurf
    Love ya man keep the good work up

  2. Thirdies. Bout damn time! Memes!

  3. It really is amazing how both the Fuso and Vermont are under played and over looked for ships in this game. I am glad to see someone else using them. They both can erase cruizers in a salvo.

  4. Again thank you for the positive fun filled video

  5. It is true cos those dirty Hobbits stole our kills D:

  6. Amazing as always

  7. alexander oudmaijer

    It is really amazing the shear amount of vids uploaded and the qaulity of them keep um the good work bou and Editor

  8. Ömer Faruk Çetinkaya

    +1 ”If I die, I die….” best part for me!!

  9. He has gotten so tired of the time counter that he became the torpedo. Pour one out for Bou tonight.

  10. “shooting cleary to far in the back and missing shots becasue if it ” -> “i did shot perfect” … no u didnt xD

  11. Fuso is super ship

  12. 1:10 What are you doing step-boat?

  13. my gk has never been that accurate… what kinda steriods is your gk on man….

  14. I love the Bou and Friends brand shenanigans. Always a good time.

  15. Love this <3 - Great job Bou!

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