World of Warships Funny Memes 118

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  1. Love seeing Minotaurs get citadelled by DDs.

    Just makes my day.

  2. You can tell those 2 Halland players first DDs was the Shima line. Absolutely terrified of using their guns, probably only drive around in torpedo aiming mode.

  3. Mini Bou is gonna parkour himself into outer space.

  4. mini bou is just so cute

  5. The shebabababababababahbahbahbahbooohhh cringe dab thing is a bit old.

  6. Puddin is a gem that must be protected

  7. Admiral Prince Eric

    Jinan is probably quitting the battle not killing himself, what the heck the enemy player is doing…

  8. What’s up with DDs, especially Hallands, not using their guns? There’s a LOT of players out tthere who place an emphasis on the torps, sometimes even with Cruisers but then don’t even know the range of their torps. Sad. Very sad.

  9. Great channel really enjoy the commentary Just good, old-fashioned, fun and escape from the negativity of the world

  10. bou i should let you know… in AA’s current state dfaa is worthless. even back during the good ol days… its main benefit was to mess up the aim of cvs that were trying to drop u… but WG decided that cvs needed hand holding in all things to up their numbers…. but the class unbalances the game to such a degree that they cant make cvs right without gutting something else or vice versa.

  11. What is the music at the start? I know I have heard it before.

  12. Murillo Mota Alves

    My entire life in this game resumed at 4:40

  13. Marceaus AP is not to be messed with. I somehow managed to citadel a DM bow in at 14km with AP. I dont know how, I checked the replay and it hit his deck

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