World of Warships Funny Memes 125

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OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. Yay Another Bou vid

  2. Guilherme Hartmann Defferrari

    Great video btw

  3. 2nd comment . the second scene of smashing was really amazing.

  4. 4:00 thought it was a glitch in the vid, but nope, bomb xD

  5. Finally got my damned MEMES!

  6. Love the vids Bou

  7. Jaca Wandersmok

    10:07 Go go go boo

  8. Memes!!!

    Yeah yeah yeah

  9. 8:30 never knew khaba torps were that stealthy

  10. “We all need the Smalland to go in first.” Lubricate language and apply liberally to the puns.

  11. Elon bousk is that you

  12. Did you get hacked Bou? It says Elon for user name…

  13. Yoo It’s Elon musk

  14. Laughed so hard I choked a few times. There was quite a bit of extra Bou yelling this time around! The minotaur song was great. Also go little Bou go!

  15. The last clip was hilarious, totally robbed

  16. Oh no, I guess I have to interact for reasons

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