World of Warships Funny Memes 126

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OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. Guilherme Hartmann Defferrari

    Bou, what is the mod you use? The one that changes the bullet image

  2. Christian Janker

    Congrats to your 14k subs. Yeah yeah yeah

  3. This meme compilation is brought to you by the letter W.

  4. Ľudovít Bradovka

    Hey Bou, I know you made a video on Tashkent, but I want to ask: Should I get it, or save my money

  5. 7 health nooo

  6. why is the video quality so bad even with 1080p?

  7. Very funny

  8. That Edgar had to have been *mashing* the heal button lol

  9. No Elbing video ufff

  10. New goal in life. Purchase Tashkent 39 and yolo a Colorado

  11. Trashcan 39 is the Tier 7 yolo bote now.

    Also, 7 Health. Good thing at that particular moment the 3d printer was ready to start.

  12. I like my 16 km marceau <3

  13. Aaron Nechelput

    Algorithm gang H Y P E

  14. hey bou i can get the kearsage but im scared of superships so what do i do

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