World of Warships Funny Memes 127

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OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. Fresh μπακλαβαζ

    Yea yeah yea

  2. Look at me! I get first now!

  3. hey bou i got my first tier 10 the louisiana
    im now focusing on nakhimov any tips on saving planes? (russian cvs only carry 1 attack)

    • Choose your target, don’t fly thru multiple enemies at once. For the ships with good AA you want to attack with skip bombs to maintain distance and drop more bombs before you lose any acft

    • @Caio Camerino Thanks

    • @Caio Camerino wait so like attacking the cv?

    • @Sans-xw8gt  yeah you can use the skip bombs for red CV, but I have found the rockets to deal more damage if you can launch a full squadron. In T8 ranked, my Pobeda usually deals half of the CV HP in one attack. But T10s AA are a little better.

    • @Caio Camerino ok so when should i attack the cv my teammates are calling me trash

  4. I gotta say the big stretch clip with mini bou is my favorite. I have rewatched it a dozen times at least. Also the clip at the end of this video is a strong finish. Shotgunning doesn’t happen!!!

  5. That Stalingrad ram will never get old.

  6. Biiiiiig stretch, courtesy of Bou Jr!

  7. What is the name of that fart tune at 2:40? Hear it before but can never find it, wanna send it to someone for the jokes

  8. General Cartman Lee

    At least Bou does not go full Statsbloke and drives right on top of a DD with the Groningen only to notice that his ship does not drop the deph charges from the stern but shoots them ahead of the bow instead. 😆

  9. Shotgunning isnt a thing guys!

  10. His Cleveland trolled you deliciously 🤣

  11. A Sherman owns a Mino. That mino….

  12. That was some Tom and Jerry ish with the Cleveland😂

  13. 9:30 when you at Asia Server😂

  14. lol Great vid Bou! lol DCP’ing isn’t allowed

  15. Will need a compilation just of cute Chinchilla moments.

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