World of Warships Funny Memes 128

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Get dabbed on CV!

OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. third 😉

  2. Duncan Hamilton

    For the Algorithm!
    (didn’t stop me uninstalling the game today though…)

  3. It was in this episode that SAT confirmed they’re all paid actors

  4. Fresh μπακλαβαζ

    haeY aeY heaY

  5. Apparently congratulations are in order happy birthday bou 🎉🎉🎉

  6. And this is why the Yolo Emilio will be my 2nd RB ship.

  7. Thanks for always bringing joy into the game. Enjoy your commentary, positive attitude.

  8. I hope that you convinced Mini Bou to forgive you for that hat thing!

  9. Great work Bou, this was definitely funny.

  10. Next patch notes: “Fixed bug where the T8 Pan-American Cruiser Almirante Grau was outputting higher than normal AA damage. AA damage across the entire Pan-American cruiser line has been adjusted by tier for gameplay balance.”

  11. Really enjoyed the vid chinchilla man 😉

  12. Bou please consider doing a Gross Kurfürst playthru

  13. Liberal sock puppet

    Your new little guy is adorable.

  14. Sargis Shirinyan

    Hey Bou! I saw you the other day in a ranked match! You were the San Martin I was the sub and we lost it was a disaster man a disaster 😂😂

  15. Dear poop hat you have been wearing Bou for quite some time. Are you alright? 🙁

  16. Jan Schaffstall

    First wanted to comment the 4 of 5 dev strike kraken. Then i wanted to comment the ship porn with the dp action. But i end up commentating on how cute that chinchilla is. Tell him hes cute pls

  17. Loanword Eggcorn

    0:35 He was looking at the many torps coming from the other side.

  18. 1:45 Bou you monster

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