World of Warships Funny Memes 131

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*Chrip-chirp, Mothertrucker!*

OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. New vid let’s go

  2. Look like Mini Bou control your Gato yea yea yea

  3. lol Great work Bou, that Navi “hey listen” clip was hilarious.

  4. Yesss there’s my weekly dose of mini Bou released serotonin.

  5. The Royal Australian

    11:33 OverLordBou all Red Faction games had destructable worlds 😁😁

    My favorite Red Faction of them all is Red Faction Armageddon.

  6. your average tiga

    Becouse shotguning is still not a problem

  7. Saipan gotta be the only CV I respect; it’s so bad that for someone to do well they must have actual skill, unlike most CVs

  8. I’m curius Overlod:
    What animal is Bou? What specie?

  9. G kurfurst is My favorite battleship great ship❤

  10. Did Puddin say poor mutated penguin!?

  11. Love the clip of Bou eating! What a cute little rabbit! Is that right? I can’t telling what type of animal it is.

  12. Shotgunning a sub. That’s legendary and ironic.

  13. Is there a way on twitch to prevent being dumped in this guys channel when the stream that Im watching ends? Whenever this guy is beat, he’s bitter, complains, and tries to stat shame…when beat!

    • i stat shame?

    • @OverLordBou “players like this have hundreds if not over a thousand games in [this ship], its the only reason they could beat me” Do you deny you said it?

    • @palma1245  dont remember honestly but sure ill deny it the only time ive recently said anything like that is when i was joking about tier 1 players with like 20 thousand battles in them. but if you count that as me being bitter and state shaming then report me to the CC program cause stat shaming isnt allowed in the program. if it was said had to been over like 2 years or year ago i def worked on how i talk about players and such over time.

    • Mate when did you get called out?
      And are you sure you have the right guy? There is plenty of instances in this video and about 130 other meme videos where Bou gets sunk, but I’ll save you the time 3:20 gets sunk, I don’t hear or see that mate getting stat shamed, other than that people can have bad day and be bitter about loosing it a natural human emotion?
      Hundreds of players get sunk by streamers on a daily basis, just cause you showed up doesn’t mean you were singled out, otherwise all the meme content would be co-op and training matches

  14. 7:02 It would be great if you could train them to snuggle up next to your head/neck/shoulder at night. Nice and soft mini-pillow. 😀

  15. Michael Frederick

    He would have a gato…

  16. 3:20 When you thought the nightmare was over, GOT HIM!!!

  17. Less clips from your pet pls

  18. Never thought I’d make a clip. Fun games

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