World of Warships Funny Memes 132

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OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. Ahmed Mohamed Awad Mahmoud Elagami A20EE4005

    First Hello Bou

  2. I will join the hampter side!

  3. The Natural Progress

    Yeah,yeah, YEAH!

  4. Great meme video loved all the silly submarine stuff especially ramming the invisible enemy sub. That angy mini bou clip was great! Keep runnin, little bou!

  5. Ľudovít Bradovka

    Petition for no more gato clips

  6. Thank you for these vidoes! I am really enjoying them <3

  7. amazing meme love your content keep it up! HAMSTER ON TOP YEA YEA YEA YEA

  8. 3:49 You can just see an angyness rising off of them like steam. What did you do to make them so angy? (Are they actually angy? I can’t read Chinchilla face.)

    6:20 “We’re gonna go for it, NEOWWWWW!” right as Bou is cramming themselves into their bed, butt on display, is just perfect timing.

  9. Great work Bou, loved the Vermont clips.
    Silly Hamter.

  10. Blind submarine ramming: the new meta.

  11. Invisible sub ramming, totally working as intended!

  12. To much sub clips…. 🫠

  13. Amazing compilation ❤. Bou, could you help me decide between Stalingrad and Bourgogne? Thanks 🙏.

  14. 4:10 OMG i made it into your Meme videos!
    Mom, mom i am gonna be famous.

    But seriously i feel honored but dont understand why the clip of my replay made it ^^
    o7 from GURKA

  15. LOVE your cheese its head. Your wife ( assuming your married) is fantastic maker of your hats. Tell her good work for me. Love your videos.

  16. The statistical improbability of Bou ramming an unspotted sub is almost immeasurable. It’s got to be 10 to the power of something, against, at the very least. Gato is a *great* boat though. Genuinely kept me playing the game longer than I would have on my own.

  17. I hate Subs and everyone who plays them. Laughing while shot gunning someone who had no idea you where there and does not have time to do anything is not cool.

  18. Over lord hampter KKKSKSKS xD

  19. hey bou iwant to grind for a tier 10 that is accurate and can deal good damage

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