World of Warships Funny Memes 133

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Eat it sub!

OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. First?

  2. Second
    GG reds

  3. For a disguised giant chinchilla, you land some nasty shots there sir, mister chinchillaman.

  4. Really need sub cancer removed

  5. Meisterhämmerli

    10:16 I’m fine, thanks for asking. What about u?

  6. Im getting trauma from this because ive been deleted way too many times

  7. Sometimes doing Yolo doesn’t work 13:36

  8. Not enough cute chinchilla this video. Other than that, great work.

  9. PSA to Hybrid ship players: don’t neglect your surroundings when going airborne.

  10. lol Great work Bou.

  11. i have subscribed to you like 4 times now. youtube keeps unsubscribing me for some reason…..

  12. UNBELÖIAVABLA BULLSHIT THIS GAME,,, i chase a uboat thats tier X,,u can be tier 7,8 or even tier 9 and u have noooo right to hitt that uboat,,hes ping can be 7 km away from uboat and it sails waaaay faster then your cruiser and reloads torps as fast as your guns..u got nooo RIGHT to kill it easily,, 1 torp hitt and its maximum penetration,,if uboat is tier 7 and u are in a tier X cruiser then the table turns,,your torps wont hitt the target even if u have 2 pings and iff u hitt then its minimum points..u need 20 torps from a tier 7 uboat to kill a tier x bb or even a dd.

  13. what graphics card do u guys use,,i got 1 gtx 1070 and it dances from 10 upp to 180fps with i think is 15ms or 25ms

  14. edgryffin ichura

    what commander was that on halland?

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