World of Warships Funny Memes 135

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Why you little!! OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. Jäger is such a great ship, I am already looking forward to see more cool Jäger clips in the future. As always nice video Bou, aprechiate it <3

  2. He is so adorable for attacking camera!! ❤

  3. Bou screaming at his nightstand gerbil to stop eating the camera…. “Bastard! It’s brand stinking new!!!”

  4. Vermont’s guns like: GET OVER HERE

  5. Just love seeing those subs sent to the bottom.

  6. The Jager is so surreal to use cuz it’s got maybe one AA gun and no smoke but the torps on it are like giant exploding death tunas

  7. Роман Шундрик

    the worst thing is that this ship for the underdeveloped will be completely free and for everyone) if few people liked the previous analogue of the minotaur with radar, then this is a direct “people’s choice” , you don’t need to think, go to yourself and spam 3 3 from invisibility, everything that the target audience of this game loves and knows only

  8. Never disrespect the Brick.

  9. Bou, If you want someone to play with you on World of tanks, I also play myself but its been AGES since I played. Quite a few T10’s already. of course my scout tank is the T-100 LT. I got a couple of T8s we can run. I gotta check If I got anything below 6. Screen name is Angryturretlizard (same as in WoWs

  10. What is the electro swing song at the beginning?

  11. I keep thinking about Jager, but I already have 1,400 games in the Benham. Jager has a few tricks over it, but overall seems like a downgrade from the Benham. Nice gameplay.

  12. the depts charges hit ribbon is broken even if a depts charges explode in front of its face is still splash damage not a direct😂

  13. I didn’t know you played WOT?

  14. I love how many times you say “I should have aimed differently” then your shots still hit and obliterate the target. Also mini Bou chews what he pleases!

  15. lol Great work Bou, the Vermont TTS was hilarious as was Bou chewing on the brand new camera.

  16. Insanetrucker wins with the Vermont speech

  17. Ľudovít Bradovka

    If what I heard was correct (That you are looking for players to play WOT with) Then Im one of your men (Nickname in wot kocur_stern, EU server)

  18. Good luck on the World of Tanks try, I gave up after Tier 6 because the upfucking was bad in that game…4 years ago…

  19. i discovered wot and it makes so much more fun atm

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