World of Warships Funny Memes 136

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HA-HA!! OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC – WoWs Funny comp.

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  1. As a DD main who likes stealth, (1,500 games in the Benham, LOL) I had no interest in the Marceau or any other French DDs. After watching your gameplay for awhile, I went and used my Coal Coupon to buy it. I then dumped some of my Elite Captain XP into having a 21 point captain.

    Results? After 42 games I’m at 54% with a full stealth build (If you can call 7k “stealth” for a DD) and RPF. Below average for me, but hilarious fun when you can play to your advantages. A nice change of pace from Benham.

    • Loanword Eggcorn

      Question, are French DDs best played as fast light cruisers, i.e. don’t cap, but gun from farther out? What gameplay styles work well?

      P.S. Jealous of Benham. How can we tell when WG will get rid of a great premium ship after so short a time being available?

    • @Loanword Eggcorn Playing as a fast light cruiser is basically handing a win to the enemy team UNLESS you are very good at landing shots from range. Sure it can work against a potato team, but the enemy is going to just sling AP at you, negating the damage saturation buff you have. You’re basically taking a DD away from your team and giving it a crappy light cruiser without a citadel in its place.

      Instead, with full stealth and RPF, use your speed to run up and get initial spots for your team. This can catch cruisers and BBs at bad angles. Use the RPF indicator to angle yourself so you can quickly disengage if you get spotted. There are times to shoot and times not to shoot and get back into stealth. If an enemy DD doesn’t have good support, you can sometimes rush them, spot them, and kill them. If they do have decent support, get back into stealth and wait.

      Whatever you do, don’t deny your team spotting. Even with 7k detection, you can get a lot of spotting damage. Especially against actual cruisers, which are your biggest threat. (A Hindenburg with AP will ruin your day.) Probe for chances to get to the side or behind the enemy. Put yourself somewhere that the enemy has to spend time turning their turrets to deal with you, go back into stealth, wait for them to turn their turrets back, then begin harassing them again with gunfire. Late game, if you keep the 11.5k gun range, you can easily fire off a few salvos, get out of your firing range, which immediately puts you back into stealth.

      For capping, don’t expect to be able to cap early game, but at least probe to see if there is a DD there. You want to make the DD player cautions about pushing. If someone is running main battery mod 2, extra range, instead of main battery mod 3, reduced reload, and just playing as a light cruiser, then I’m largely free to push up and spot for my team. If I know there is a French DD close by, I’m more likely to be cautious. Even though I out stealth them, I could accidentally get detected in the process of turning around.

      As you can see, it’s a lot more complex than “Play as a light cruiser with a warp drive”.

    • Loanword Eggcorn

      @Crosshair84 Thanks very much! My main error seems to be shooting DDs in caps when there are too many enemy support ships around.

      What you say makes total sense. Will try to hold fire until I have more favorable odds, like not early in games at caps.

      I’m a DD main and usually try to spot as much as possible. Will keep spotting to bully caps and DDs, and try to flank (or at least be on different directions from our BBs and cruisers) to get favorable angles, etc. Farming flanks when slow turning guns are turned away is definitely a valid tactic.

      I almost never take the longer range guns and almost always take full stealth, even in unstealthy DDs, because I want to get back into stealth sooner. (Italian DDs need the range improvements though.)

      Also never use RPF so as not to give the enemy information about where I am, though I understand its use and benefits. I figure I can have a general idea of where they are without giving away my general position, so to mostly still be ahead on location information even without RPF. I may be wrong about that.

      I mostly played USN DDs which are definitely better suited to brawling due to their agility, fast turning guns, etc. Definitely a different play style.

      Thanks for very good education. Really appreciated.

  2. Maxwell makes an appearance!

  3. I love my groningren vs Ai lmao. Vs real people im so bad in that ship 😂.
    Bou my lord please consider making a guide!!

  4. Holy shit, that U-2501 being so far away but then it got blown away from so far out – My God, that was funny as hell 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Fifthies!

  6. Disturbing lack of Fuso recently.

  7. 3:25 “Unsubbed because ram.” -PQ, probably

  8. haeY yeah haey

  9. your average tiga

    Liked the video

  10. Loanword Eggcorn

    Torps running out of range was the most LOL.

  11. Well deserved 13:55 🤣

  12. Appreciate the 1440!!!

  13. Epic plays! Yea yea yea!!

  14. lol Great vid Bou! Love the Vermont clips.

  15. That first clip with the Vermont those shells were guided by the spirit of Calvin Coolidge.

  16. “I aimed too high!”

  17. Роман Шундрик

    in the end, autists just crap themselves in smoke from all sides, a nightmare

  18. Is this on the regular North American Server, or is it on Playstation or something else? The video quality looks remarkably good. As I watch these games I often wonder if I’ll see my player name on a ship you’re about to destroy.

  19. I’m just going to leave this comment here, he aparentley likes to read comments 🙂

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