World of Warships Funny Memes 137

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Mamma-Mia! World of Warships Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. As someone that loves to play the Marseille, that Marseille clip enraged me, a bit, not as much as the atrocious lack of Fuso footage.

  2. 9:21 We do not know why the the Chinchilla is Loaf. We just know that they are and they are adorable. 😍

  3. That Petro experienced the ultimate DISAAAAASTER

  4. Castilla seems fun eh?

  5. JJ Stuart on Writing

    Haven’t played this game in over two years but still watch OverlordBou and Jingles WoW videos. Sorry not sorry.

  6. Can guys recommend me a tier 8 premium cruiser and battleship?

  7. I was so engrossed in this video i was watching it with my mouth open and my spit just dropped unconsciously 😂

  8. I wish the burst fire would state what it does like on Condé because I know I’m bound to forget someday.

    edit: 16:35 moments like these make me question if the burst is even improving your pen

    • it doesnt improve pen at all

    • @OverLordBou Didnt they state in dev blog that it does? Or was there a later one where it got removed?

      Dev blog 12.4 closed test: spanish cruisers, 20% ap dmg and 100% bonus AP pen on burst.

      Edit: from article: “Starting from Tier VII, the ships gain access to the “Burst Fire” alternative fire mode, which additionally increases AP shell penetration and damage. ”

      edit 2: Yeah I don’t know myself unless I missed a patch but the overpen damage on dds at least doesn’t seem to improve.

      edit 3: yup, no bonusses , just burst… seems a patch that didn’t really show up on first glance, bleh

    • @Alex not sure

  9. Bou got railed in the stern. :V

  10. Imagine if Petro had the funny button

  11. Viribus Unitus content? Take a thumbs up, please… and that 17.9k Shima at 2:10 does a true pro gamer Shima move by taking every single one of your torps… never change Shima players, never change…

  12. Lots of people getting d-d-d-d-dabbed on today!

  13. the Spanish inquisition was a good reference. Mel Brooks anyone?

  14. 14:33 at Asia server your teammate will always please to offer long range fire support, but no more🙃

  15. When i started wows, i looked up gameplay and found you and PQ ( potato quality) and have watched you for from the start! Keep going!

  16. this is sooo like my ragnar games. ex[pecting an overpowered DD? sorry, there’s an idiot driving it 😀 guess it’s a game, having fun is ok? 🙂

    edit: need more animal pics. sorry to point out
    well… your win rate is likkely like 20% above mine so ignore all plz 😀

    • i have alot more bou pictures on instagram if you are looking for bou pictures been super busy so is hard for me to schedule them on here as well

  17. RIP BFK.

  18. These’re amusing to watch. Maybe better than playing since subs are so freaking annoying and WG more worried about gimmicks than actually focusing on making it fun.

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