World of Warships Funny Memes 139

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WoWs is weird. Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. I’ve fallen to the dark side Bou! 3 dev strikes in my first salmon game, its so much fun but its so evil! What do I do?!

  2. I went and got myself the Marceau because of your videos and oh my god I’ve been sleeping on her for so long!😊

  3. Glad see someone else who enjoys ramming people in a DD as much as I do. Although I don’t refer to it as my final torpedo I call it pulling a glowworm.

  4. So here I am, thinking of a rant that there isn’t enough Fuso content, but somehow it feels wrong to constantly rant about it. We should make a rule, to include at least 2 Fuso clips in any Funny Memes. On the other hand, I got to see a CV suffer, which is almost as good the CV that tried to ram me earlier, I was in a St.Vincent with running Speed Boost. Ye, CV, you keep trying.

  5. Maxwell sunk Bou!

  6. Ľudovít Bradovka

    is it just me or is the Paolo as big as the Kansas

  7. Yes. So much mini Bou. I am pleased. Thank you for another great meme video!

  8. there is nothing as boring as cv play. you trying to put people to sleep?

    • So in a 15 min video about memes all you could think about is the short clip about CV, they’re living rent free in your head man

    • @R0B3RT nope, as soon as the cv stuff showed, comment posted and went elsewhere. cv content = nothing worth watching here just like sub content does.

    • @jaquigreenlees  Understandable have great day, don’t let one class inconvenience your day

  9. Funny, I had the same fear of Chuck E. Cheese as a kid and would hide whenever he came to greet the other children.

  10. Brother, you are a torpedo. (Optional)

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