World of Warships Funny Memes 142

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Begone SUB! Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. Time for the hype!!!

  2. Good to see bou in his waifu fuso again

  3. that has to suck, lose game cause of time run out and they have no ships left.

  4. What’s the military march sounding music when Bou is taking names in the Fuso?

  5. No cute Chinchilla. D:

  6. I don’t think that Des Moines is feeling good. :V

  7. Bou, what music when fusou?

  8. Nothing better than a great RNG day in a Fuso!

  9. I would love to play with You but im European :/
    Btw cool vid ❤

  10. Very fun. Nice games.

  11. whenever i see funny memes from bou, i know I am in for a treat!

  12. Bring out the Fuso and gets a Kraken. Got to love it good job Bou

  13. 0:40 I just love watching the sub pop up and the secondaries just completely erase it off the map lol.

  14. The one video i look forward to every week

  15. Brings a tear of joy to my eyes every time Bou sends a sub to the bottom of the ocean.

  16. Good lord how does this guy even stay chill when the OP subs do shotgunning garbage? It’s more appalling than the holocaust!

  17. Wow that last set of clips. When you kill half the enemy team and still lose is quite a feeling.

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