World of Warships Funny Memes 146

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Underwater cruiser! Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. You are a torpedo?

  2. Half of these are just showing how broken and unbalanced this game is. It’s just you exploiting the broken game.

  3. Man, you give off hamster energy and I totally dig it lol

  4. ive gotten that camera bug 3 times. also toggling c while spotter plane over island, breaks camera as well/

  5. Bro I cant get that dancing pirate out of my head now

  6. I also realized how powerful the frenchie saturation is when I tanked 2 torps in the Bourrasque

  7. I want that ice cream sandwich!

  8. Bou Memes always sTrOnK…

  9. I wonder if there’s an EDM mix of the sea shanties?

  10. They really need to fix that camera bug. It’s happened to me 5+ times

  11. thank you for puting that hat on wow

  12. What did you do to “1700s Sea Shanties 1hour” to lower the pitch? That sounds so good!
    Or, was that done in editing?

  13. I get it lmao

  14. Is that a thing on the NA server? Disconnect? Watched Flamuu play the NA the other day…Same thing happened.
    Great content Bou 🇩🇰😀

  15. 12:10 Wow, now you can play as a crew member in wows as well? Sick!

  16. Very nice

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