World of Warships Funny Memes 150

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Funny comp by OverlordBou WoWs NA CC.

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  1. Perfect timing lol love ya kots casting!

  2. Gotta thanks Yuro for the submarine guide

  3. what’s the song in the beginning

  4. But is that an actual sword though? I just couldn’t tell!

  5. Евгений Гуля


  6. Роман Шундрик

    strange, the video was uploaded to the channel without sound

  7. My fav clips are of Vermy. Dev striking the enemy is always fun

  8. 7:22 “I wanna be, the very best…” Meanwhile he’s flooding and on fire with a broken engine and his DC on cooldown. Keep up the optimism. 😝

  9. Maxwell had enough crap. :V

  10. do you know that you can see the Health pool of your Guns and Torp Launchers on that Boat at 7:02 ?? ( play with the single frame forward / rewind )
    Front Guns 15K ,back Guns 12K, Left front Torp Launcher 1102, rear Launcher 3031, right front launcher 2033 rear right Launcher 657

  11. 0:34 Pull the lever kronk. WRONG LEVERAAAAAAAA 🤣🤣

  12. fake sword , no edge and cheap steel

  13. General Cartman Lee

    Vermonting cruisers never gets old. 🤗

  14. Hey OverLordBou.
    Need some suggestions. I have enough steel coal and research pts. to pick a ship form each. I play BB’s and CG’s. Have the Ohio already. Not sure what to get , can you give me suggestions or links to videos for any of those ships?

  15. I can’t remember the name of the song at 5:53 pls help it’s killing me 😭

  16. Thanks a lot for the KotS special, more of that please, I enjoy your comments very much. 🙂

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