World of Warships Funny Memes 169

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  1. nouvelle animation incroyable je trouve <3

  2. Love your Content. Keep Up the great purge

  3. @gioelecolombo6692

    Song title at 4:53 pls😢

  4. the Asian part is Hilarious 1:53

  5. I’m not certain when it was; but there was a moment when you were like “Yeah, the sub isn’t near me, he’s going the other way.” And then boop! There he was.
    The Mini Bou Cam wasn’t on. If that helps.
    I know this is incredibly vague, but it was a funny moment.

  6. New transitions looking really good! Well done Bou

  7. i like the new outtro

  8. hey bou, the wujing is a pan-asia ship, named after a character in the famous writing “Journey to the West”. Same genre as ships like Wukong, Bajie and Sanzang. Hope this helps

  9. Great game clips! GREAT MINI BOU CLIPS!!! Awesome new transition with the animated emoji! Fun outro too!

  10. please play operation gamemode once and maybe live stream it or include it in the future vids like this ? 🙃

  11. Ok this was the best meme video yet i lol’d from nearly start to finish😅

  12. There is a serious lack of FUSO in this video.

  13. 3:10 The cutest Bean. 🥰

  14. Super speed Chinchilla

  15. now I want to know what his thought about the roman empire was

  16. 0:15 not for anything American. Iowa and Montana or hacked/nerfed/cursed whatever. I’ve taken 6km shots at broadside anything – ricochets, shatters and over pens. game is bs

  17. could u pls stop “dancing” im eating here!!!🤢

  18. I enjoy this format for the memes alot better… oh yeah, did you enjoy you’re ARBY’S SANDWICH? MUHUHUHAHAHAHA…. <3in the content keep it up!👍🤙👌

  19. New meme vid, yeah yeah yeah!

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