World of Warships Funny Moments #13. My Ship Will Go On

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  1. F for that König player at the beginning.

  2. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    Even Wargaming likes that a Smolensk is being sunk

  3. funny comment?!….well “SUBMARINES “

  4. This is what you should do when you go world of warships with your girl, take the torpedos for her .only if your girl is not a ship-girl.

  5. Confused Admiral

    2:57 They deserve this _K A R M A_

  6. michGPAA Webwrangler

    Never can get enough of the Smol smashing…

  7. Spencer Jackson

    BRO!! The get down mr president clip is basicallyidowrk!! XD

  8. Triple Flesh Wounds and 114k damage done AFTER you are sunk. Is that a record?

    And someone REALLY likes the Die Hard achievement.

  9. Guys demolishing those Smolensks deserve triple the amount of doubloons.

  10. Is that BasicallyIDoWrk’s voice in the first clip?

  11. 0:14 basicallyidowrk?

  12. 3:50 tfw you were in this game but don’t submit the replay 🙁

  13. The beginning is just “yikes, it was this moment they knew they screwed up”

  14. 1:59 can we just take a moment to admire that guys player name!

  15. Celine dion : my heart will go on
    Worl of warships : my ship will go on

  16. Every time I log on to play this game it’s a funny moment as per:

    The previous day I win @ or near 50% (above my current WR) the next day my WR drops to 20-30% (or lower) playing the exact same ships and modes and the ships I’m aiming at have a forcefield around them and cannot be hit so yeah that’s a funny moment but the only problem is it happens ALL the time and I’ve been playing this game for 5 years.

  17. I thought Yamato was the “unsinkable” ship
    Also nice sexy music in the background 🙂

  18. you’s should make a Funny moments of your decision to Nerf the Odin and call it balanced, Give odin back its health

  19. Can we have a list of the songs?
    There are a couple that I would like to listen to.

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