World of Warships Funny Moments #14. Expectations vs. Reality

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  1. Adding fairy Jingles was cleverly done 🤣

  2. Wtf Nelson? Congrats 😲👏👏👏

  3. Well done!That is amazing video. Very thanks wargaming and wows player

  4. lol thunder show needs to learn from this presentation

  5. Nelson was like “i fight until my last Hp is used”. really the best moment, and others too 😀

  6. Bernd-Peter Pohle

    Best joke is clan battles season 10 at tier 6 and wg`s conclusions to the last season.

  7. Sweat on my Swag

    and i feel mad_but_glad’s gnes”s rampage, that ship screams cits and torp hits.

  8. These videos are always nice to watch, VERY well edited.

  9. Jonathan Jonathan Choi

    For like 2 seconds I thought it was some other channel that’s PRETENDING to be the official channel.

  10. What did I witness at 02:12?…..

    • There used to be a glitch that put friendly and enemy ships of top of one other. That would hints kill them. If you were lucky then you got launched into the air (the game for some reason has those capabilities) some people landed on islands and didn’t die. Thus they became coastal artillery

  11. Expectations vs. Reality
    You can rename random battles to that, or the last and upcomming cb season.

  12. Vladimir Efimov

    I really like the fact that you included a bug here (02:12), other game developers will go to extreme lengths to keep those out of public videos. The montage was fun to watch, I hope you remembered to buy the appropriate license for all that music 😉

  13. Funny to see WG promoting border humping at 0:45 something the player base finds despicable….

    • If it frustrates the players they won’t fix it.

    • Agreed, this should have been fixed years ago, yet all they added was an engine reduction by 50% that does jack. Make it so there’s damage incurred the longer you stay on the wall, something that dissuades players from doing this.

  14. Ohio and Nelson were amazing, and great editing btw

  15. BEN THE TIGER131

    Leningrad: This is Madness!?
    Duke of York: Madness?

    Duke of York: 5:10

  16. Sudeshna Das Sarma

    A very nice compalition
    That Nelson ram, and Nelson carry was just off the charts.
    And that gneisenau rampage just made me think
    What is te point of a team when you have one man army like gneisenau.
    Unfortunately I play on the Asian server so people are fairly good at the game

  17. 1:27

    The amount of luck from this one torpedo spread tells me this captain ain’t winnin the lotto anytime soon.

  18. 2:10
    Ah yes, the ever-tactical Notser maneuver.

  19. Pedro Winterpacht

    when i saw the scene from 2:13, i was like “wow, wish i could do that with my fredrich Der Grosse

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