World of Warships Funny Moments Epic Wows Clips Compilation Gameplay

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  1. Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features some World of Warships moments. I hope you enjoy my wows funny clip compilation. Let me know in the comments what you think 😀
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  2. Just when the bowling ball is going to hit the pins we go to an add lol

  3. Yes just 1000 likes and CarbineCarlito promises to do his next stream live in his “foxy” furry suit . (this is not a promise)

  4. This is great!

  5. You should really make a new ending speech, the sound is too different from the rest of the video.

  6. notice he doesn’t show the shame matches

  7. The things we do for free stuff. “Love the video 😉”

  8. @nicolasrouquet5250

    @CarbineCarlito is a good captain even if the marbles are rigged lol!

  9. Good job more than a few laughs.

  10. Ok I admit I giggle a bit.

    But I only liked it to stop CC trying to steal my precious bodily fluids.

  11. Nice, finally seeing you make use of all the fun shenanigans that happen on stream 😊

  12. at least there was no talk of sausages in this set of clips…….that would blow up your you tube rating…….
    the 99c is in the mail………..

  13. More, More, Moooooooore!! Awesome vid. I love these so much.

  14. Very, very nice, Carbine Carlito.

  15. This was nice, all the fun of course was provided by the blerp and tangia interactions by the chat, but ah never mind 😂

  16. @cylon-theoriginator6823

    if i leave a message do i get another super container?

  17. @cylon-theoriginator6823

    Aha! I note that at 08:37 I play a bit part in this collection of floor cuttings. I note I have yet to receive payment? Are the funds resting in your account?

  18. Great clips! Thanks for sharing these! 😀

  19. I must have more of these videos, with a little more bounce 😁✌️🔥

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