World of Warships – Funny Moments – FAIL compilation 9

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Today version is SPESHUL than other SPESHUL compilations because it is a full total FAIL COMPILATION.
Enjoy and have watching 😉


  1. I actually feel better now… glad to see I am not the only one seeing a torpedo from miles off, making an unfortunate move and taking a torp in the rear.…
    I do believe ramming is broken though, WG may have lowered the damage caused…
    My game has never had a hick-up in 10 months of play, but I do play the Steam version – which then on occasion losses contact with the Steam server :-(, there may not be much difference.

  2. logandarklighter

    06:07 Anybody else feel like stabbing that “Extremely Dissatisfied” Button on screen on Flambass behalf? 😛

    • i always do when it comes up……especially when i just had a team that doesn’t cap, play’s extremely defensive and we lost because of it

  3. 6:39 Epic brown moment!

  4. No that’s isn’t the dispersion bug. It’s the Jean Bart being Jean Bart ?

  5. 13:36 i still remember that game with u flambass and those were my torps 🙂 and i was in icarus

  6. Kristof Kolumbus

    Thx Flambinio for nice “morning coffee video” 😉 I posted link of this to devs, so they can work on the bugs we just saw there. GJ ! 😉

  7. Glad to see I’m not the only 1 who’s shells go through enemy ships without effect or damage… and that close range dispersion is diabolical too.
    Loving the vids flambass.. keep up the great work????

    • That was the stupid lockon bug,if you see on the minimap,flambass wasn’t locked on the iowa inspite the game showing lock-on on the enemy ship.that is reason really retarded dispersion

  8. Is it just me or is WoWs getting glitchier and glitchier? It never used to be but I am seeing more and more of these “stealth torps”, torps that go through icebergs and rogue shells.

  9. 1ctrlaltdelete1

    Flambass, send this to Wargaming. This video shows waaay to many bugs, that needed to be fixed.

  10. Insta-like for flambino and the failinos

  11. so this is absolutely the game’s problem even Flambass’ computer stutters. I thought I was the only one.

  12. Great Video and at lest you laugh it off most of the time. the dispersion make me feel better when I fire a 100 shells in a game and only get 26 hits. more please thank you

  13. Famous last words: “He can’t kill me from the rear…”

  14. Shannon Michaels

    Hahahaha awesome ?

    Also… What’s up with that random ghost torps.

    Also. I’ve had that and seen that new form of ramming. Being pushed and pushing lol

    Also the problem is… Your map is. It transparent so it’s hard to see what’s popping in. I learned that the hard way lol

    And as always… Good game flambass… You made my morning ??

  15. The most annoying bug for me is when occasionally, enemy planes fly over me and suddenly my volume goes to MAX! I nearly shit myself when it happens. So loud and off putting. Happening for the last few patches now. Not all the time, just occasionally.

  16. Take notes from farazeleth, he can dodge torpdrops in a BB Georgia…

  17. It would seem the ramming mechanic is somewhat FUBAR

  18. Flambass: you can’t kill me from the rear
    CV: hold my beer

  19. Deepwater torps confuse most players, me included. Glad to see, the game is no exception. Also, WE FORM LOLTRON

  20. Had 2:40 happen to me.
    I was in a Neptune’s with 40k health and my team let a 4k Mino ram me.
    Instead of dying I only lost 20k health. Not sure how but I was happy and alive

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