World of Warships – Funny moments – SPESHUL COMPILATION 7

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After a long time SPESHUL is back it’s back in style. There will be many more episodes coming because I collected a lot of material and now I have Tuesdays off which gives me enough time to make them, as promised.
Enjoy have fun watching 😉


  1. Praise to the all mighty Flambass, thank you for providing us with another example of your amazing skill that us mere potatoes can only dream of.

  2. The Tank Commander

    I still say this doesn’t beat the “Top 5 Things Flambass Says At Christmas”, “Surprise bum seks 71”, and “Happy New Year” from Speshul Compilation 4! I cannot stop replaying it! It’s just that good! Keep it up, Flambass! -The Tank Commander

  3. The Tank Commander

    Mr. Conway take a joke? Has anyone remembered that he really only takes good jokes from Jingles Lol?! -The Tank Commander

  4. We want more of these its just too good MORE

  5. ooohhh myyy gooood XDXDXD that was so awesome. please do more of these ^^

  6. Flambass is so entertaining. Saying hello from the land down under

  7. Triple supercontainer… Rigged!

  8. Sons of Odin Warships

    That first game is from about 2 months ago, I remember sailing towards the flank and the T8 Brit cruiser detonated right next to me right at the beginning at the game and thinking holy fuck that other player must be good. Then somebody in chat said “Hi Flambass”. Good kill, I remembered it well and now I get to see it again.

  9. Jan Maarten Vleer

    Made my day, thx.

  10. I was looking forward for this episode. Keep up the good work, has the problem with twitch changing the currency of your donations been resolved yet?

  11. the laugh at 13:05 though…..too good


  13. Hilarious compilation. Please do more of these!

  14. The last 2 minutes is just pure comedy gold.

  15. 6:33 would have peed my pants from laughing when there was 3 times detonation flags in them xD

  16. Guys would you like to see a full video on Pobeda highlights! I for one would vote for that!

  17. Your laugh is so infectious Flambass!!!
    Keep on making them great vids mate 😀

  18. Someone tell Flambass to install the non detonation flag

  19. “you play OP ship’s and failed”………LOLZZZZZZZZZ AHHAHAHAHA …..never laughed that hard

  20. that left and right torpedo barrage with a bonus Double Strike and Kraken Unleashed!! hahahahha!!!

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