World of Warships – Funny moments – SPESHUL COMPILATION 8

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Here it is, more for you fine ladies and gentlemen.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. You must be very speshiul because you’re now spamming these speshul compilations

  2. Vlad Stoicovici

    Superb! Had a great laugh

  3. What a BUUUUUUURN!!!!!! fav. Super Unicum…

  4. Watching speshul moments at 3 am makes me speshul for sure

  5. Dear Flambass,
    firstly at the age of 71 I think I must be the oldest subscriber that you have.
    I love WoWS, I play on the Asians server, and I’m rubbish, but I love the game and persist at it.
    At times I get a bit disheartened with the game and my performance, but when this happens, I watch one of your videos.
    What I love is seeing the fun you get from the game as well, and hear your laughter with what happens in your games, I get my head right, remembering that it’s a game, that I like it and get back into it.
    In a nutshell what I’m doing is thanking you for sharing your love of the game and reminding everyone that it is just that, a game to have fun with.

    • Keep it up Captain! I’d happily sail with you any day.

    • Clayton Whitman

      This is the essence, the perfect reply. Peter Kirk, you have hit the nail on the head there. Flambass, it’s always so nice to see that everyone has the RNJesus on their side or totally against them, even you. And as Mr Kirk has said, you always show us the fun and joy of the game, as imperfect as it is, and that’s awesome.

    • So its Captain Kirk… I love it 🙂

    • Couldn’t of said it any better and how I feel exactly. I’m 53 and I hope to still be mucking around in this game when I’m your age also. See ya on the ASIA server one time I hope IGN: OUTLOR

    • Geof Green I’ll keep an eye out for you OUTLOR, my IGN is Currawong.

  6. Monkey is so cute ?? i see why people are paying him money to do weird things

  7. games with flambino and monkey are always hillarious. When Flambass edited the post game dmg numbers to mess with monkey had me in tears, bloody brilliant!

  8. Now we just need the clip of monkey blapping you with his Musashi. I bet you are saving that for another Speshul episode.

  9. Hahaha Oh Flambass 😀 😀
    The donation asking how his/her favourite unicum , Oops was meant for Monkey had me crying on the floor!!!!
    Love your content man , Keep doing what you do matey <3

  10. Can someone provide a link to flambass‘ game where he imitated the Emperor of Star Wars ‚feel the powaaaaaaa‘

  11. This vid legit had me in tears laughing at that “Accidental firing all 9 guns”, great stuff lol.

  12. loving the commentary i was in stitches

  13. 1.26 timestamp luckiest neptune ever

  14. 2:20, flamba being 100-0 by AP salvo from dude called “papa dragon”?


    I think not!

  15. No ‘A few mooments later…” scene?

  16. Torsten Kersten

    Flambass surely is one of the most fun streamers to watch besides him being among the creme de la creme of the captains in the game.

    Thanks for this one, too. Keep on truckin’ … 😉

  17. so when are they releasing Russian BLYATships onto the open servers? :3 can’t wait to play some Bias

  18. Sometimes I rage at Wows but after watching you videos the game is more fun your awesome

  19. #2:00 — flambass.exe has stopped working. (A)bort/(R)etry/(I)gnore?

  20. You should have over 100,000 subs ! Best mother-trucking gamer ! ???

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