World of Warships – Funny moments SPESHUL compilation Episode 6

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You get twice as much laughing material the same prize 😉

This I did not put in any msg videos before each clip, but we have a scene transition so let me know how you like it.

Also this required a lot more time because of high number of clips in it, so if you want me to make them this way you gonna have to w8 more than 1 week.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. oh my god that opening my stomach hurts so funny.

  2. Nice vid as always great moments but is the sound funny for anyone else sounds like it’s clipping

  3. Like the new animations Flambass 😀 looks great!

  4. Is it just me or is the sound really glitchy at times?

    Other than that, hillarious and highly entertaining as usual. 🙂

  5. Ye, the material is good, but the sound hickups make it impossible to enjoy.

  6. 7:28 *comes around corner* only to hear a faint voice on the wind yelling “Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapeeeerieeeeeennnnnnnn”

  7. After a few bad days … I needed this .. Thank You Flambass ..
    The weekend can start now …. Flambahugs

  8. I know audio potatoed in this episode and for no reason whatsoever as well so I’m sry for that.
    Guess I need to find another program which I’ll use to edit videos from now…….great….only took me forever to get used to this one 🙁

  9. 0:25 Flambass, press T! Oh no, he can’t hear ushe has AirPods in his ears!

  10. The sound is a little bugged at some point

  11. found me a clear winner today, the around-erection-monument-firing-kitakaze!!!

  12. The Sinister Siblings

    16:19. I think they should make a hit icon for “Magazined.”

  13. You know what we want … seeing Flambass explode ^^

  14. Sooo russian DD = little cruiser and russian cruiser = little battleship… So russian BBs are gonna be little what? Floating metal gear?

  15. That clip with the pillar of rock is pure gold

  16. #AssAttackFTW

  17. Missouri rear turret – probably manned by the Marines. Shoot straight for the Gunnery Sergeant or there will be consequences.

  18. Rectum, bro!

  19. Tautvydas Valasinas

    Dat Kitakaze dildo moment was hilarious xDD

  20. Disappointing that this didn’t include sailing an Aircraft Carrier down the middle channel.

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