World Of Warships Funny – New Channel Special

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A World Of Warships funny compilation made exclusively for this channel… Yes it is a special vid guys!!!


  1. 1st like

  2. ThanhDat Gamer Official

    2nd 🙂

  3. ThanhDat Gamer Official

    like 4

  4. ThanhDat Gamer Official

    Do you still make the other channel?

  5. Out of my own curiosity I would like to see Danial play on console however anyways SINK ALL OF THE HERETICS

  6. Nathan Jay.Halstead

    Playing with 20 fps oufff

  7. for who don’t khow the music in 1:40 is “in the hall of the mountain king”

  8. name of the song at 4:07?

  9. I Just Play GamesYT

    How many times do you plan using Shadow Fight 2’s OST XD???

  10. Michael Søndergaard

    LOL torpedo madness in the beginning.
    DAMN that ship at the end, that simply didnt know when to die:-) cracy.
    and the part with aerroon, did think ive seen his name before, turns out i had. well there he just lost a follower. not that i follow him anyways. everyone have a bad day but went overboard.
    btw that guy in the beginning talking about the torps. is that a internet memes or is that actully you?

    again an amazing funny vid. had me laughing all around again.

  11. Sorry i have to edit my comment but in 6:37 i dont get it i only saw the propeller.

  12. 3:13 Asta is here. Yuno next

  13. What is music at 3:12?

  14. What is the song 4:33

  15. Nop I can’t help you with this it’s out of my control ???????

  16. Сергей Курьянович

    9:31 tho, oh my lol ЖВ Thanks for vid dude

  17. Pro_Gamer_1647 Pro27885

    Thank you for your nice Videos 😀

  18. Pro_Gamer_1647 Pro27885

    How long do you work for 1 Video ?
    It must be very long with his quality 😀

  19. Commandant Teste

    you sure love your GK daniel x)

  20. Tactial hollody

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