World Of Warships Funny – Raining Citadels

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A new special video which took me waaay to long to edit however It is finally HERE.
This guy is Very RNG dependent and too nerfed but in the end of the day it still can be fun. Especially if you can use your secondaries!

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  1. Good job with editing and great video 👍😎👍

  2. I dont really know which is impressive. The german CV secondary or the guy with friesland who has no idea they cant pen the belt and still rush a CV.

  3. Definitely need a track list, you have some bangers!

  4. Why did i watch a 24 minute video of someone cyber bullying other people?

  5. Teammate: CV run
    Daniel: You underestimate my power
    Also Daniel: starts running

  6. the DD bit at 10:24 had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard. 10/10 editing. Keep it up!

  7. If you want to get the awesome shirt merch:
    I hope you enjoyed this special funny video AND above all I hope you LOVED the new channel mascot, Dani-chan, as much as I do!!! She will contribute a lot to the vids from now on!

    Now about the track list:

    – FMAB ost Lapis Philosophorum
    – Exotic Butters
    – FMAB ost Sorrowful Stone
    – Inital D ost Chaser
    – PVOMEN Records Eurobeat
    – Female Nightcore – Seven Nation Army
    – Hello Hell Eurobeat
    – Nothing Can Live Forever Eurobeat/Maximum Tune ost
    – Eurobeat TatshmusicCircle Without You
    – Step Mio Honda song
    – Nightcore Champion Breathe

  8. Every now and then I think about going back to WoWs but then I see this and quickly get my head straight again.

  9. Yo the “absolute territory” (bare skin between the skirt and thigh-highs) is looking tempting, love her entire design.

  10. I loved it when richtophen rekt Friesland with its secondarys lol he deserved it, then my Mexican man came it to lul at his arse lolol

  11. I watched you create this video while you were streaming the other night, very cool to see the finished product Daniel! Not only a great content creator but and excellent WOWS player to boot 😉

  12. This reminds me about a month ago. I rushed with MvR vs Pommern and Shikishima. Both of them died, I survived and won match xD

  13. I think they should bring the nameless hero medal over to Pc and console.
    It exists in Wows Blitz and is awarded when you did the most damage but made no kills.

  14. As someone who doesnt play CV, it triggers me watching from theyre perspective as AA explosions harmlessly puff around the planes 😅

    • Александр Ванюков

      I don’t play CVs but I never rely on explosions, only on constant damage. I can’t understand why people don’t even try to play against CVs and make proper actions to keep planes under AA fire as long as possible.

  15. 17:38 “thats lot of damage. how about little more?”
    18:07 *kills enemy CV*

  16. Great video. The hard work has paid off 🙂

  17. A modern American Land based tactical fighter (F-15) operating from a ww2 German design aircraft carrier ( which F-15 is nerver designed to operate from any ship ), flying in an acrobatic formation, firing machine gun and dropping rocket propelled torpedo on ww2 era ships!
    Man I love this game!

  18. Степан Лета

    18:08 никогда не понимал, нахера так долбиться в другой авик cv. Пока ты его пытаешься убить, твои союзные крабы сливают 5 – 1. Лучше атаковать артиллерийские корабли.

  19. Meanwhile developers the next update: Scrap this shit we’re going back to the good ol’ times before the cv rework

  20. Thank you Daniel, you put my frustration on vidéo :'(
    A sad CV’s Commander 🙁

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