World Of Warships Funny – Ranked 1v1 Special

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When the most OP ship is the one that nobody expected!!!


  1. When everything is against you in a battle, even fate itself…. But regardless you come victorious… This means that you are aither lucky as f*ck, very good, or both!
    I hope you enjoyed the new video as well as apreciated the smoothness of the fps. If you want to watch me live or support me you can do so here:

  2. the witcher song made this video for me, but i love all ur vids lol.

  3. I did half battles in this and the other half in the Massachusetts. The cruiser tears were delicious

  4. Petition to re-classify Graf Zeppelin from Aircraft Carrier to Battlecarrier

  5. Have I ever told you the tragedy of Graff Zeppelin the op

    German engineering is a path that grants abilities some would consider unnatural

  6. When you have a cruiser with planes instead of a carrier

  7. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    bruh, I didn’t even bother launching planes most dd matches. Zepp was just that broke vs them

  8. “I never lost vs CV” – said an optimistic ranked player to me (Charles Martell)….
    “Challenge accepted” – i said..and start rushing with my full sec build GZ 😀
    He lost 😀

    • Ah yes I had this guys that laughed at me at playing GZ…Said my planes are obsolete and they will rush me…
      Little do they know…Even though I am a CV, my planes arent my main armament

  9. pretty sure the Graf has rail guns for secondaries

  10. Ah yes, those auto targeting sniper railguns of the Graf Zeppelin – i lost many a match against those in my time! Woe unto any ship, no matter the class or size, who gets within their range!

  11. Graf Zeppelin: inspired by Japan’s weird ship designs and the Harugumo, what an automated and bigger Harugumo would be like + a huge catapult launcher.

    3:13: don’t know about you mate, but this looks like a dakakakaka cruiser vs a carrier if you ask me

  12. 1v1 ranked 5 best ships in order. (Ifhe secondaries on every ship except enty)
    1. Graf Zepplin
    2. Enterprise
    3. Prinz Eugen
    4. Hipper
    5. Tirpitz

    • Kaga destroyer graf zeplin and entreprise izi

    • @Serious Darius i mean yeah you can win with pretty much anything. But you can’t argue that bismark versus tirpitz isn’t an uphill battle for the bismark in this gamemode.

    • @Onkel Diffmeyer i said this to another guy, but yeah you definitely can win with anything if you are good enough and you make the enemy misplay. But my point was that these ships are by far the easiest wins. Prinz Eugen verses either of those is heavily PE favored.

    • @Teemu Hasu makes sense I just didn’t include it because I ranked out in tirpitz and never felt like a dd was even a threat to me if I positioned correctly. Although only the FR dds rushed me from the start like they should have.

    • @SinkkingTurrtle Of course with the Bismarck you must make strategies, kite the Tirpiz away but still dont stray too far from the caps overuse HE to hit the her torps some times. Whe the Tirpiz player doesnt have such a strugle he can just fight you like a normal Bismarck (and still beat you some times, I’ve seen time and time again that the Tirpiz is more acurate) or just come to you and torp you if you dont keep your distance. The thing is though that most Tirpiz players know only to play Torpiz and some dont even spec secondaries and overconfidently try to rush me while im kiting away at 5-6km and just laugh when I see his torps appear for 5 seconds behind me and disarm. I cant even imagine their frustration while they are desperatelly trying to catch me with 10-20k hp difference (in my favour), abandoning the caps.

  13. Match Starts at 6:58

    Me: Ah, I see you are a man of Witcher as well…

  14. Hello, I’d like a cruiser with a side of carrier and hold the balance

  15. Tribbles the Unfortunate

    Daniel Rusev, the one captain that I know of who can have a game crash mid match, come back and still wallop the other dudes ass. XD god you have to love this man. Also if i can ask what is the music that starts playing 4:53. I’ve never heard it before but good god its impressive. defo want to add this to my music favourites.

  16. GZ is a battleship with a deck armor suitable for landing.

  17. Every other nation: aircraft Carriers dont need arnament they are out of the range of boats and they are protected by Fleet
    Germans:give it more guns

  18. Fire nation attacks:
    Tom: Annoyed and just wants to read his damn news paper. XD

  19. 9:13
    Bomber pilot: I got him, I got him. He is mine
    Gun crew on ship: NOPE.

  20. Every other nation: has carriers with anti-air guns
    Germany: has carrier with anti-ship guns

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