World Of Warships Funny – S in Hannover Stands for Super Battleship

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A new funny compilation is here so lets go beyond plus ultra on the memes!!!

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Bayonetta Ost – Lets Dance
Elevator music
Russian Dance Joey Pecoraro
Epic Bethoven Version Virus
Baka Mitai
The Real Platoon Vietnam music
Sonic Game ost
Like a Border Eurobeat
East New Sound Eurobeat
Thinking Music


  1. I will always support you!!

  2. Super Damage Sponge
    The only reason why the scores do not add up to random battles is because this would be too much of a stat padding

  3. World of Warships - Best of Twitch

    Best WoWs vid I’ve watched in a long time. Mine included. xD

  4. Stephanie Watkins

    7:45 bruh the torpedo reduction and armor on hannover is so bad

  5. Love the background footage of the USS Washington going ham with all her AA guns lol!

  6. Satsuma: Giant guns.

    Hannover secondaries: So anyways I started blasting.

  7. that trance edit of a weeb track at 15:00 min was amazing!

  8. Super good Daniel. It was just missing a Steve Harvey Nani! So good!

  9. God tier content as always 👍

  10. Firefighting Guy

    @19:42 you clicked too fast WG detected suspicious actions and employed The Balanz.

  11. I got 305 secondary heads on Hanover. She is a beauty. I wish wargaming had this in the game for ever

  12. Obvs russians have the mystical powers of unicorn sh*t sprinkled all over their warships even if though they barely had a navy to speak of yet some how WG pulls out these fantasy draft designs from Stalin’s ass xD I’m dreading what kind of Bs awaits us when there idea of a balanced CV arrives. Still, pretty hilarious tho…. 🙂

    • I’m dead xD dear lord hahah

    • @Filip Lalić Cheers bro XD but tbh i dont have a good feeling about these new Cvs. I can already tell they’re gonna have some BS “quirk” that just is going to make them an absolute pain

  13. WG be like:
    -nerf KMS engieering
    -buff SN engineering

  14. 7:45 From here the real “fun” begins!!😂 I hereby announce this scene the best scenes of all time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Super Battleships Exists:
    *Conqueror and Thunderer:* Finally, some good fu**ing meat

  16. 18:15 Daniel, incredible will to fight to the end

  17. 4:15 the POMMERN looks like a light cruiser compared to the satsuma😂

  18. This Channel is great
    I love your content Daniel!

  19. “its time to face destiney no its time to face gravity” *bonk*

  20. Pommern could do wawy more secondary dmg with less hits … a few months ago ^^

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