World Of Warships Funny Special – *The Apology*

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  1. Keep up the good work and destroy all in your way

  2. I was sad I couldn’t watch it when it came out but here we go also I love the graf zeppelin

  3. Сергей Курьянович

    It’s great!
    But most importantly: It’s EPIC

  4. Joshua Smith-Monaghan

    Your vids are hilarious Dan, love your work

    I joined the Discord channel to watch more of your art 🙂

  5. Skeith Aurelius-Mixer

    We all love you fam just remember that

  6. I know that the quality of this video suffers a little in the quality department but i rushed to do it as soon as i the whole fiasco started so i wasnt ready at all XD
    All of this games happened on my stream so i will be grateful to you guys if you join me there so we can all have fun!
    Any help with patreon will be appreciated but you enjoying my vids is still the best reward i can get!

  7. all cool bro, you dont owe us anything or something. do your thing and take your time

  8. Watched as soon as the notification popped up

  9. Love the Vid Dan wish me luck in my gk game i just got in

  10. Роман Шундрик

    5:35 – 40% wr kurfurst – secondary weapon off, shoot accuracy – worst, easy

  11. I like your work on YouTube keep going ?


    We should ride again some day my newfound “down the middle” friend 🙂

  13. Dan, how do you shoot with that much accuracy… That is most epic part of vid

  14. Definitely my favorite lmao wows channel

  15. Dani i watch your vids at any Time because because I know that it is good quality also your streams i love them because i can streamsnipe you and we can play together and this entertainment and i want to say thank you for you vids, for your streams and you. Really you are a great person. And you are great friend can i say friend i think i can say friends? maybe i don’t know but at last stay as you are?

    edit: and i love you voice??

  16. At 6:08 i was like NO NOOOO
    and then you put in the meme?

  17. Was the Tokyo Drift theme song copyrighted?? I enjoyed that song when dodging the torps.

  18. Guys, is a secondary build for the GK good these days?

    • I use it and for me its really good but one thing to remember is when u have sec build, It doesnt mean rushing in from the start;) . (I use Dans built)

    • German ships are pretty bad without a secondary build. But learning how to play secondary bbs well is a big curve, It’s one of the reasons I suspect they keep gneis as being aweful past 8km. It’s to teach you how to get into secondary range by using islands. If you rush in from the start in open water you’ll get burned to death and blow all your heals, especially with the smolensks running around.

  19. Michelle -Tabbys Buddy-

    Should list the music that you use. I’d really like to know the names of a lot of the songs you use.

    • Music list:

      0:00 The Hero – Jam Project – “One Punch Man” 1st season OP (:P was it needed??? :P)
      0:40 鬼龍G@キLL – Hiroyuki Sawano – “Kill la Kill” soundtrack
      1:15 Monkey Spinning Monkey – Kevin MacLeod (… classic Youtube soundtrack for any kind of compilation… mostly those for kitties and puppies :P)
      1:58 No Control – Manuel – “Initial D” soundtrack
      2:44 On The Edge – Svet Fit Music – “Pray Epic Workout Music” album (… you can find it on Spotify…)
      3:40 Speed Lover – Speedman – “Initial D” soundtrack
      4:45 aLIEz – Hiroyuki Sawano – “Aldnoah.Zero” 2nd ED (… also Daniel’s “intro” music)

      10:10 Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees (… ahahahahahah <--- I'm trolling, at this point, if you didn't know this one 😛 ) ... (^_^) happy listening

    • @Capitano Araym People like you sicken me with your… goodness. What turns a man to good? What makes them list the source of music, without anything in return?

      nah but srs, people like you are very appreciated. +1

  20. >close combat fan
    >Anime references

    Bro, u like me, but better cause you can make good video. Thanks for it.

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