World Of Warships Funny #Submarines – The U-2501 Experience

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The new wows submarine funny compilation is here boys. This time the whole video is all about the german T10 sub U-2501.
You can see some epic moments, the casual carry with a kraken in ranked and of course the occasional fail so I hope you will enjoy!

Playing with the subs can indeed be very fun however they are still unbalanced and the counter gameplay barely exist if the submarine player knows what he is doing.

Evan after all the nerfs and some buffs playing AGAINST a good sub player is a true nightmare especially if you are in a BB….

If you want to watch me play live on twitch, chat with me in my server or support me you can do so here:


  1. Ah, but you see, if you look at this spreadsheet it says right here that submarines are actually underpowered and need a buff.

  2. Warning for anyone wearing a headset, this was really loud when it started…

  3. No wonder Germans called them, the wolves

  4. I hope you all enjoyed the 22minute educational video that spreads balance through the EU server XD
    There are clips from before the nerfs and after the nerfs but as you see there isnt that much of a change and the subs are still broken in the hands of someone that knows what he is doing…
    If you liked the Yamato merch you can find it here:

    • I watch all Videos Daniel but u really didnt have to use a anime girl in a SS Totenkopf uniform as picture and i am german by the way. But these people stand for everything what is not german life

  5. this BGM is kind of CITY‐POP.

  6. I love how this video does not have a 1080p option, but it does have 1440 and 2160

  7. 13:35  that guy is so damn right whoever said dd’s hunt subs its an idiot

  8. I mean, there is an old saying with the submariners, heard this from Jingles channel a while ago, ”there are only 2 types of ships, other submarines and targets”.

    We all saw and knew this would be the case with subs, if not long range homing torpedoes it’s just point blank shotgun torpedoes with nary a risk to subs themselves

  9. New great video showing of how good are subs XD good job 😀

  10. Damn this looks exactly as cancerous as i feared.

  11. 5 minutes in: “Daniel doesn’t just destroy you, he deletes your freaking existence!!!” 🤣☠

  12. It’s satisfying to watch the torpedoes curve in the water like that but man I really dislike submarines xD

  13. The Gurenge song here is the Eurobeat remix of Gurenge.

  14. Daniel: The U-2501 Experience.
    First couple seconds: Shows U-511 from KanColle.

  15. 13:04 Music name please…
    he music he uses is amazing… I wish I could give us a list of music

  16. It’s a classic from the 80’s that music.

    I love her.

    with Stay With Me

  17. Wargaming: “Destroyers hard counter subs because depth charges.”
    Daniel: *solos all destroyers on enemy team* “I’m sorry you where saying something?”
    Wargaming: “I uhhh never mind….”

  18. Przemysław Krzekobrzegoszczyński

    I feel like subs were introduced to give players something to universally hate more than carriers.

  19. Playerbase: subs are way too powerful and we don’t like the

    WG: I see this as an absolute win!

  20. Wait… they keep homing _after the target goes dark_ ?!?!?!?!?

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