World Of Warships Funny – The Average WOWS Experience

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And the last wows twitch compilation of the year IS HERE!

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  1. That was a gid vid mate keep it up

  2. Meanwhile that missfire happens to me all the time.

  3. This music at the end of the vid… I see Daniel’s a man of culture. Bassmarck!

  4. always soooo funny 🙂

  5. So I played ranked, man… so painful. You’d expect your teammates to have brains, but nah, they probably play too much coop. They go lemming one side 9/10 times…

  6. well I hope dany didn’t wet his plants lmao love your vids soooo much keep them coming and also congrats on the Musashi and the enterprise.

  7. That reaction at the start od the video 🤣 3 citadels awesome new video 👍👍

  8. Holy hell, this is 250€ worth of containers. But man, that drop is epic.

  9. Nice to see Daniel getting EXACTLY the same dispersion as the rest of us!!

  10. Amazing Video…. I love the opening containers part at the end. You are a very lucky man. Your videos are always well thought out and enteraining, thank you.

    • You make your own luck in this game. Notice the 1250 steel drop – that means he has ALL the ships on the list. Those ultra rare ships were guaranteed drops as there are no other ships in the list. I got 15K steel this xmas in my crates for the same reason. The mega boxes are good value as long as you remember it is still gambling. Don’t spend what you can’t afford.

    • no luck, he has all ships so it was 100% chance

  11. how you know your playing against the real daniel if he somehow dodges every torp you he real

  12. 0:30 I did that with CV bombs on a dd, the splash detonated him
    Is that one guy a wg employee? Thousands of dollars in premiums and 700 battles
    Fcker got benham musashi belfast and kutozov. Helps having lots of premium all I’d get is all the lower tiers

  13. Oh boi Dani that was a very funny and entertaining vid like always from you, but I need to say this vids new style was very naise.
    I got from the Santa container JB, Musashi and 180 days Premium. Well that are the hilights from it.
    I hope you do a recap vid this year again so i can say ,,ThAt wAs ThE bEsT vIdEo FrOm YoU….

    sO fAr xD ~Zin

  14. 0:38 As someone from Bulgaria I can confirm that I don’t know how I can be from Bulgaria

  15. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    So I play on wow legends , And I survived a battle with 666 health

    The devil was watching over me

  16. Me: **buys YT premium so that pesky Raid ads can go away**
    Daniel: **Interesting, anyway there’s a word from my sponsor: RAID**

  17. I’m so jelly of the container drop

  18. Is the mega containers as last year.. you get some ships before you get the most rares ? What was Rusev’s fleet looking before the containers ? Did he have all the rest ?

  19. Na moral, esse cara é mt quentinho no wows pqp 👌👌👌

  20. Copyright Free Soundtrack

    I had black Friday doubloons left over, so I bought the missing doubloons for Santa’s 20 huge containers. I told my sister if she wanted to open them, she said yes.
    In short, she got 6 ships, 2 of them Tier 9, 2 Tier 8, 1 Tier 7 and 1 Tier 5
    And I’ve been playing since the game came out and I had never left 2 ships within the same event….

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