World Of Warships Funny – The Graf Zeppelin B special no one asked for BUT everyone needed

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Have you ever wondered why you simply do NOT rush a Graf Zep… Well i have the answer to that and a lot more!!!


  1. Yes my favorite carrier played by my favorite WOWS YouTuber. What a day

  2. Yes i run full secondary build + IFHE and it is super fun! For all the guys that say GZ is just garbage i beg to differ. Yes his planes arent rly that strong but if you know how to play it you can still do very good. And as always here are the links XD

  3. really want to add this to my Weirboo Set

  4. Did you see the Panzerknacker GZ videos? Greatest strat ever.

  5. Scy Nota Seniorious

    2 graf? What is this kancolle and azur lane in 1 game? Am I dreaming?

  6. What is the title of the Music beginning 4:50? Else very nice gameplay a big joy to view it

  7. OMG I’m watching the video with my family and my 9 year old daughter says Daniel knows he’s in a CV right dad not a cruiser, my 14 year old daughters says is Jingles his Capt? Because I think he has miss classed his GF as a DD…lol. My wife says love to see his DPM… looks at 254 secondaries, says heck my GK doesn’t get that much… this video is awesome.

  8. The absolute Mad Lad

  9. What’s the name of the music you use in a about 7:00 into the vid?

  10. SurvivalMasterMABJ Gaming

    Congrats on 30k man keep up the good work

  11. Graff has the (3rd?) most secondaries in a broadside as of the writing of this comment. 20 barrels… on a cv… at 9.4 km…

  12. Graf Zeppelin B??? Is this Azur Lane version?! XD

  13. Daniel’s characteristics = if he doesnt use a Japanese ship, he Will use a German ship

  14. Anonimous Masterix3000

    OMG 2 vids in the same day? German engeenering approves

  15. those dislike buttons are who died in close quarters XD

  16. Perhaps the best advertisement for a premium

  17. Music List

    00:00 Unknown

    01:15 Doom Theme

    02:16 Supermarine (Dunkirk Movie)

    04:45 Meniki Remix version.

    Love your vids, Dan. ??

  18. No one:
    Daniel: Imma rush and kill a third of the enemy fleet alone at close range….in a carrier.

  19. Enemy team pushing

    Daniel: Hold my beer, it’s Zeppelin time…

    (Also what the song used at 5:00?)

  20. German Graf Zeppelin captain : Herr Grossadmiral Raeder, mission accomplished ! we pushed right into the enemy and defeated him as per Guderian’s orders !

    Raeder : … was ? Guderian is commanding the XIXth ARMY corps, why the hell are you under his command ?? And what do you mean, “push” with a verdammt AIRCRAFT carrier ???

    GZ : Oooooooooh army ? We didn’t quite get the “reach the Channel” part in his order “break through enemy lines and reach the Channel”, because you know we are in the Channel already, but now that makes more sense ! Thanks a lot Herr Grossadmiral !

    Raeder : … efff that Dönitz you take command of this mess – subs are coming.

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