World of Warships: Funny Torps and Dev Strikes #2

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Funny compilation of torpedoes sinking people in World of Warships part 2.

#worldofwarships #wows

All these clips where made during the Live-streams.

====== Music used in the Video ======


  1. A BIG shout-out and MASSIVE thanks to:

    – My 2 moderators san_rednas and RnGg0tya for helping me with the whole editing process and clip collecting.
    – FreetheBrain from World of Warships – Best of Twitch ( check out his channel: )
    – My twitch followers/viewers for their clipping, support and making the stream and chatting a great joy.
    – And the amazing people here on Youtube for watching, liking, sharing and subscribing.

    Thank you all for all the amazing love and support.

  2. The Torp Master

  3. なんでや蔵王強いや(((

  4. Juicy Trops lol.
    What’s the BGM at the beginning bro? Thanks

  5. あたまわるわる

    Need more Paolo clips😆

  6. 02:12 My reaction exactly when I read about that Zao buff. When they anounced they would buff the Zao I was hoping for better reload or rudder shift.
    PS: Still one of my favorite memes

  7. 02:53 If anyone wonders what the question in Family Fued was: Asked 100 man what they would do for sex. The last answer was “Prey” I think.

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