World Of Warships Funny#12

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This is just the next World Of Warships Epic and Funny compilation.

You wanted me to write down the songs i use and i listened.


  1. Haha so early 144p is best.

  2. reupload?

  3. Hi all..I am sorry but this is a reupload of my last video because it got banned from you tube after being reported for the swastika in meme about the 3 Bismarcks in a division…So I changed that and reupload it…I am terribly sorry for this and will try to make it up for you all!!!

    • +Francisco J Thanks man I really appreciate all of you guys…You make my day a lot more fun:)

    • They call me Orby

      I was wondering why I couldn’t respond to a reply you made on my comment on the original. That would be why. I swear the things people get offended by nowadays is ridiculous. I highly doubt any of your actual subscribers actually had a problem with that probably just some random person passing by. Anyway as per usual, great video love your stuff man.

    • +They call me Orby Thanks mate and yeah it was very shocking when that happened…In like 3 minutes my video got age restricted then banned in Europe and then banned entirely…
      I know you my subscribers…You are are people of culture you like the stuff I made plus it was obvious that the meme with tha swastika for the 3 Bismarcks had a humorous intent only…I changed that with the thinking emoji lmao…Improvise adapt overcome;).
      I am sad for the almost 300 comments I lost…I am trying to get them approve my channel so I could receive something good from them lmao…But with my copyrighted videos it is probably not gonna happen…
      Anyway I am not intending to stop and will try to make new videos as fast as I can but with no compromises with the quality aither…Hope you enjoy them XD

    • Btw a lot of you are asking…I am playing in the EU server…And if anyone wants to play with me you are welcome to send me an invite 🙂

    • They call me Orby

      +Daniel Rusev Some people just can’t take a joke, some don’t even have the sense to see it as a joke. But those people don’t matter. All that matters is that we can all laugh about it. I will definitely stick around for more quality content.

  4. 2019….where people can’t be sure what to be offended at so they just get offended at everything….

  5. Been here since 200, I actually love your stuff man, you’re growing so fast, congrats

  6. Currently you can not do or say anything without someone being offended.

    It’s so frustrating :'(

  7. stefanos perivolaris

    6:32 edu xD

  8. Everything is perfect on your videos… just don’t stop my friend !!!

  9. Pierluca Marrocco

    As always, superb work!

  10. I have drifted a ship to avoid torpedoes one too many times

  11. I am a new sub ur vids are the best and what tips do u have in the german battleship line?

  12. Again nice montage i dropped a like 😀

  13. Yeah placing a swastika for even a split second is a no go

    No you card is now pulled by YouTube against Daniel Rusev, let’s see what Daniel Rusev will do?

    • Well me,Daniel, deleted the video…Edited it with placing a thinking emoji over the swastika…Then uploaded the video again…Its your turn now YouTube XD

  14. No one can survive ze German secondary’s

  15. Imperial Guardsman

    Makes me want to swap from french BBs to german ChadBs

  16. +Daniel Rusev what server do you play on? as the clan tag looks familiar. (I’m on NA)

  17. I have the worst luck with containers. Literally

  18. no way dud only poop sock bot can do it ban

    • But the vid got restricted then banned.I dont have strikes in my profile at least…I am sorry for the fiasco and reupload but sadly I couldn’t do a thing…

  19. I swear if this got copyright claimed for the Tokyo drift I will personal beat that company or person into redacted it

    • I have 6 copyright claims for almost every single video because of the music and this one is no different Hahahahaha…I tried to dispute it for fair use but they immediately threatened to delete my channel if I do it again…And because of the swastika thing that was a complete bullshit I am laying low for the time being…At least I dont have any strikes in the profile lmao…And I don’t really care because I am not receiving money from them so as long as you(my subscribes) are happy with my clips and choice of music I am happy too 🙂

  20. Kenzor - Movieclips

    Why I’m not finding anything funny at this montage?

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