World Of Warships Funny#15

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And the 15th video is here guys bigger than ever before.Enjoy 🙂

Here is the discord link:


  1. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!

    Hahahahahahaha rip Atago! I feel as though,if you look reeeeeeing, you should play geometry dash.

  2. I love your new intro <3

  3. Yay Daniel is back with another great vid!
    8:13 OUCH!

  4. They call me Orby

    Now if you look closely at 0:42 you can see a wild Orby in his natural habitat complaining about the colorado as he sits half the map away unable to do anything XD

  5. oh really? you put the clip in where we had a nice small “MEETING” ? xDD

  6. Love these vids keep it up

  7. If thanos wanted to play WoWs:

  8. TrollerFace Troll

    The best 22min 23sec in my lide =D

  9. When you, in a Yamato, kill 3 of the 4 enemies, and the last destroyer murders your 2 teammates. 10/10 would team up again

  10. Other people: *No Luck! Just Skill!*
    Me: *nO sKiLl! jUsT lUcK!*

  11. Андрей Валеев

    Данька реальную годноту пилит, красава. Лайк определенно

  12. Oooh Another one, Already loking forward to the next one!

  13. 5:36 *”Fresh Empire, Stay Fresh”* (anti cigarette campaign)

  14. 19:28 Its the most epic moment for me, you´re awesome!. And song name bro? :3

  15. Im glad to see Battleship Hindenburg back from last video. Just got my Henri and its fun. I just [YOLO] in CBs.

  16. Даня, ну ты конечно красава. Реально зачётно, молорик. Давай дальше пили видосы)

  17. Everbody would agree it needs more Großer Kurfürst torpedo beats.

  18. Антон Шарапов

    Go to the moments gameplay or Graf Zeppelin) Work PMK) His can open faer , 9.0-9.4 KM distance)

  19. Once again. Another good meme video. You should try playing WoWS ?️litz for a ?️otat

  20. Not enough seizures created 3/10. Would watch again.

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