World Of Warships Funny#16.5-SPECIAL

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This is a SPECIAL made from edits that were cut out of previous funny vids. Enjoy 🙂


  1. zandernator LS3

    The pirates of the Caribbean scene is like my all time favorite scene lol

  2. Well done dani, i dare you to pin this (if you don’t you’re gay)

  3. Like #50, even tho there should be 1000 by now

  4. und das heisst:


  5. well. i am from that country and i deserve to know what hapened in that fight! (13:48)

  6. The _Hunger_James_Trilogy

    You know it’s going to be good when as soon as you click on the video you get ‘Erika’ blasted out of your speakers

  7. stefanos perivolaris

    insert voldemort meme (laughing) for that moskva

  8. Demetrius Ferris

    Lmao I’m glad you liked the meme bro. Can’t wait to play with you sometime!

  9. The scene with the pirates of the Caribbean is so epic. nice work hahaha ?

  10. 14:28 Someone is having way too much fun editing these videos XD

  11. Сашок seeinahell

    ЗАебись Видосики)и С Юмором Норм)) Удачи и Успехов)))Лайк ПОдписка!!Однозначно!!

  12. Michael Søndergaard

    ohh how i laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.
    dont know any fancy words that is fitting to use here, so instead: “Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2U”

  13. Great vid Daniel! lol DEWIT

    Grats on unlocking Yamato!

  14. Could have got all 3 at the highlight at 3:20, you over match that Nelson easily

  15. For a split second I wanted to rewatch Evangelion but then I had a nanosecond to think about it.

  16. But Daniel, you must shoot…

    Don’t worry, that’s why I brought these 5:29 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. 5:09 who will Save us now by David Chappel is an absolute amazing song great job your becoming one of my favourite YouTubers.

  18. 5:28 the German army at the end of ww2 1945 (colorized).

  19. Yamato is the best ship ever lock the stats from “Chris_Der_Schwabe” and his battles with this beast!!!

  20. Intro music: Aldnoah.Zero – MKAlieZ. Just in case.

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