World Of Warships Funny#16

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The next wows funny vid comes out just as scheduled! Enjoy !
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  1. Finaly , the trailer was sooo exiting

  2. Vũ Trần Cường

    Still wait video “How to Kurfust”(?) 🙁

  3. Finally the 16th Episode 😉 Keep ut the vids

  4. 1:56 AAAAAAA! I died multiple times watching this!!!! xD xD xD

  5. They could make a season 3 for one punch man just with your WoWs clips

  6. I have a great song for your Videos: TicToc (Brace for Impact) by Self Deception

  7. Michael Søndergaard

    came home later from work. had plans to finish up a few things, saw a new vid, ended up watching that so now i will be behind rest of the few hours i have left. but worth every secord of it.
    great vid. and damn you and the torps dodging skills

  8. 22:02 the best part. SABATON POWER

  9. I’m new to your channel but i’ve been binge watching your videos a lot now. They always make my day!

  10. Great Daniel! Keep improvising more newer weeb song and references and dont just get stuck at the old memes etc Jojo but keep trying with newer anime. Btw who is the girl for your Izumo voiceover? XD

  11. Well memed sir! Every minute was pure gold, perfect memes for the perfect situations and the edits….just top, great work!

  12. 6:20 forget dodging in the Izumo how do you no hit an Izumo

  13. Thomas Heuisler

    I LOVE IT! If I had a computer capable of running WoWs, I would get it just for a chance to play with or against you.

  14. Gosto muito dos seus vídeos ! No proximo colocar a playlist das músicas !
    Obrigado !

    I really like your videos! In the near to put the playlist of the songs!
    Thank you !


  16. Sethraxus WrestleManiaC SVK

    22:01 You have all my respect for those Sabaton soundtracks, best band ever for me, got all their albums ????

  17. lol 19:35 I love that meme. Great vid Daniel!
    Yay Megumin is back.

  18. I love that fact we get some lovely Izumo footage, such a great ship after all her buffs. Some people still hate her though. Still I’d love to see another IJN ship, or premium with those 410mm /50 10th Yr Type guns. They are so amazing.

  19. – Hindenburg
    – [Zao]
    + Henry IV
    + Henry IV
    = 10%+ win rate

  20. I think you should make a Bismarck montage feturing the Song “Bizmarck”. Just a random idea being thrown out there

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