World Of Warships Funny#17

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  1. Nice Finally Make Funny Moments Im Happy

  2. Steve Franchise

    A surprise for sure, but a welcome one.

  3. These anime girls in the screen corner are so cute 🙂
    But “BANZAI!!!” is “earsrape.exe” xD

    ty for your vids, Daniel :*

  4. Persona Millenia

    I’m just playing Wows recently and I found it rather amusing, thanks for this video that I learned not to be afraid of torpedoes and dodge it like NFS pro, advanced firing depends on distance, Ap to citadel & He to burn and mock enemies and most of all, Banzai if you are in close combat as your life is at verge of death, thanks Daniel, you have my subs

  5. Don’t like how they changed rams.
    Sometimes it does no damage or they play bumper cars instead of dying.

  6. Love your WoWs vids shame that WG is gonna kill the game with the NTC stuff.

  7. Unique player still using supershotgun and kamikaze cruiser #GermanPowa! >:v/

    • Achim Hanischdörfer

      Großer Kurfürst is amazing. BUT you have to equip it correctly.
      For the Captain
      You take Priority Target, Preventative Maintanance, Adrenaline Rush, Basics of Survivability, Advanced Fireing Training, IHFE and Manual Control of Secondary Armament.
      For Equipment:
      Main Armanents 1, …, Secondary Battery Mod 1, Damage Control System Mod 2, Concealment System, Secondary Battery Mod 2 / Legendary

      This build shredders ships. Just as an example: I traded a volley with a Montana. I sent him ~18k with my main guns. He sent me ~22k. My secondaries peppered him for ~15s setting 2 fires and hitting him ~40 times. THAT dealt another 40k damage.

      BUT this build works because of the HE penetration of the secondaries. The 128mm guns have 41mm penetration thanks to IFHE and the 150mm guns have 49mm of penetration again thanks to IFHE. Without IFHE you can’t really damage BBs. So you either go full secondaries with IFHE or full survivability.

    • @Achim Hanischdörfer That description it’s unnecesary, this boat is the first one I had, my first love, obviously i know to use it, if the team support me well.. 😉

  8. Nice vid Daniel your G.K is basically a double edged sword which make you scary

  9. LOL Great vid Daniel, loved the Samurai Jack captain and ofc Megumin.

  10. That FPS though lol
    Thanks for the video, enjoy the channel

  11. Michael Søndergaard

    THANK YOUU!!! i can go to work now with a smile and a laugh.
    you always brings the best.
    and those bloody torp dodgin skills are insane.

    great job

  12. ME:hey danny watcha doing?
    Danny:not much just terrorising the seas with G.KURFURST

  13. No yamato clips? I want to see how many one shot you got ahahaha


    5:35 you have been finished a torpbeats but actually you’re already dead wkwkwk

    Press F to respect

  15. Shadow Fight 2 music? Love it😉

  16. Le Ragondin Suprême

    Non one.

    One BB near an half-dead Daniel.

    Daniel : BAANNNZAAAIIIII !!!!!

  17. Maurice Timmermann

    12:24 throws the headphones away and start searching for the firealarm … an few seconds later, wait. where is the sound? 😀

    Daniel: WHAT… hold my GK

  19. Wellinton Goulart

    why do not you play with the low graphics instead of playing in high graphics with 20 fps?

  20. Still awesome as usual mate! Btw medium setting will boost ur fps around 40-55.

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