World of Warships – Furutaka All Around

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Furutaka on Big Race pushes the Northeast with a couple friendly ships. We see some pretty broad sides and look to get some citadels. A couple enemy cruisers feel our might but nothing too crazy at the start. I continue to move forward and try to get two enemy ships with the help of torpedoes. We retreat back to base for defense and make a final attack at a enemy destroyer. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Japanese Cruiser Furutaka Replay


  1. Gareth Fairclough

    Furutaka banzai platoon, best platoon.

  2. Gareth Fairclough

    OWWWW! Volume check at the start, Notser*! xD
    *I blame myself. I had been listening to some pretty quiet tracks before
    watching this vid and had my volume down low. Then I started this vid and

  3. Will be interesting to see how the new C hull on the Furutaka with 3×2
    203mm guns compares with Aoba. Historically, they are practically ships of
    the same class. With these changes, Furu will have the same guns as Aoba. I
    even read somewhere that the gun arcs will be better than on Aoba.
    Furtuaka’s forward facing torpedo tubes are also much more scary. I feel
    this ship has the potential to be the best Tier V cruiser.

  4. 3:16 Myoko is a great ship, but I am SPOILED by the Atago – which has VERY
    good turret traverse! So that when I do play my Myoko, I end up playing
    like I do in my Atago with a lot of sharp maneuvers, which just does not
    work in the Myoko! Because even with Expert Marksman the Myoko can easily
    out turn her turrets!
    Aoba at least could keep her turrets on target whilst maneuvering – but
    Myoko simply cannot!

  5. Oh man, last night I was EATING FURIOUS TACOS AND AOBAS with muh Molotov!

    I am really enjoying the Molotov! I have NEVER gotten such good use out of
    spotter planes before! On ocean I wrecked a Kirov from 17km and then an
    Aoba at about 17.5!

    That said, last night was weird… Literally EVERY match, save 2 (out of
    about 11) where I did well, my team lost! And of course that meant every
    match where I died and/or did very little, my team won!

    And my only match in my Avago last night, I got 2 of the 3 kills on my
    team, killing an Iowa and a North Carolina – the guy in the North Carolina
    was talking so much crap on me when I started attacking him and he slipped
    behind an islans, and then came around the other side after extinguishing
    the 2 fires I lit, he called me all sorts of “noob-tyle” things – I then
    lit him up 3 more times after dealing him about 32k in direct damage – and
    he died! Aftwrwards, it was HILARIOUS – he just kept talking crap! I only
    replied with things like “LMAO” and when he called me a noob for coming to
    a stop – which made him miss his 2 final volleys at me, saying all kinds of
    things about how I am such a loser for having come to a stop in order to
    finish him off – to which I just replied “WASD Haxzorz iz me!”

    the Iowa I sunk, kept telling the North Carolina to shut up, as was most
    other players!

    It is just SO FUNNY sometimes, when you play thing PERFECTLY – and some
    people just get so angry! It’s like, dude its a GAME! If you aren’t having
    any fun – don’t play, and of you are playing to try to stroke your own ego
    – Well I wish those people would not soil our beautiful game!

    Given, I probably could have tried capping that match in your Atago but
    then I would have likely died and they would have won anyway. I was the
    last person alive, and I survived. Managed 84k damage and 2 kills, top of
    my team of course.

    I really do not get people who play games so that they can brag – it really
    proves what kind of person they are if they CANNOT understand their own
    mistakes and the enemies SKILLFUL plays!

    When I die in such a manner, I never call the enemy names, I never swear at
    them unless it is a joking thing – I usually just say “Frig me! I should
    have done (X) and I COULD have killed you!”

  6. i dont get it…so now we will have 2 identical japanese cruisers on tier 5
    and 6? what for?

  7. Buffing the Furutaka? with its troll armour they think this ship needs to
    be stronger? lol wtf

  8. Yeah the Furu is now normal ship but…. your Captain’s is so OP 😀 lol !

  9. Brian Lock (神通)

    Basically enemy give up their victory, also Nosty sealcub

  10. See those, keep them keep thencominh

  11. There IS a trick for firing upon destroyers. In my Cleveland, (with its
    lazy, floaty shells,) I watch for the destroyer to make a hard turn away.
    This accomplishes 2 things. A: The destroyer’s speed has decreased due to
    the turn, and B: He/she’s maneuvered into an aspect that requires less
    deflection on the shot to hit them.

  12. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Woots as usual….loved it.

  13. O yay, just as I finished grinding through the trash furioustaco

  14. James Meek (Ingrim)

    good job, still finishing the Furutaka myself…
    as always keep up the good work

  15. We need to make a campaign of some kind to get Notser some sort of official
    Wargaming relationship. Europe has Jingles to promote Warships, NA could
    have Notser. Positive, gives good advice, shows other people’s replays,
    etc. Let’s get Notser the attention he deserves!

  16. HEY!

  17. FurryTaco has NEVER been garbage! >:( I always had fun with her.. >:(

  18. Fury taco

  19. Poor little seals.

  20. nice work notser. i wonna ask you if you wonna make a video with the kongo.
    plz. love your work

  21. Darcey Lawrence

    I sold my Furutaka just because its absolutely awful

  22. I love my Furutaka as it is and I’m weary of the changes. I suppose it
    might be worth if we get more range so I’m not useless in a match where
    most ships are tier VII’s that out range me by 2+ kms on BOTH teams, but
    even in that case I’d rather matchmaking wouldn’t force me to play so often
    versus them.

  23. Will we get the 0.5.6 test server Furutaka, or will you wait for the live

  24. My son and I watch your videos also…. of course, my son is 37 and I’m 64,
    but hey it’s all relative. thanks for the post!

  25. WindmillStalker

    17 point captain in a Furutaka? Jesus…

  26. Yo 🙂 I sucked pretty bad

  27. Highlight of the day, dinner and Notser videos :)

  28. i played a couple of games in it in public test. this thing is now better
    than the Aoba holy shit.
    quad torpedoes retaining their firing range gives it massive engagement
    control. the rotation is now 30s without EM.

  29. Also, that whyoming, SOOOO much salt xD. needs to learn some game mechanics

  30. John “SCHINDIESL” Schindler

    Awesome Furry game. I enjoyed watching the game and listening to your
    commentary. BZ Notser.

  31. I don’t play the game often, but when I do, I play this ship to keep myself
    used to the 203mm guns. I love this ship.

  32. ahahahh I have succeeded in spreading the the message of our lord and
    savior Furutaka to Notser xD

  33. Ihaveyourusername

    Yes, the turrets are slow but there are ways to get around that. Don’t be
    the first one spotted so you can sail on without having to dodge incoming
    shells while enemy fire is focused elsewhere, and if you find yourself
    getting focused it can sometimes help to consider not shooting and take
    advantage of only being spotted at 10 km, you might stealth your way to
    safety. In the first couple of minutes of each game there’s very little
    action and once you see which ways your team mates move, you can try to
    take advantage and plan out straight lines from which you can fire and plan
    out when you can stop firing to make a turn and start rotating the turrets
    in advance.

    It takes some time to learn, but seeing how the slow turrets continue to
    feature this slow turret rotation and how Russian and German cruisers tend
    to have a similar issue with huge turning circles, it’s a skill well worth
    investing in I think =)

  34. Wyoming not even trying to react to incoming torps and died and said

  35. MeKanism Lastname

    Notser, pls stream

  36. How do you get the player names and little ship icons list for each team on
    the top right and left hand sides of the GUI? Is it a MOD?

  37. Great play, excellent demonstration of how to press a DD and use hydro.
    Had to lol at the BB complaining about the torps from a DD and then about a
    CL with 700000000km range torps.
    Learnt the ships you’re likely to encounter then learn how best to deal
    with them; sometimes you’re a victim v some ships, but that alone should
    tell you not to go where you’re likely to encounter them. Oh well.

  38. Furutaka game without using the new 1942 hull in 5.6PT? Silly. Triple dual
    guns do work.

    Lol at the ragey Wyoming. He knows not what waits for him.

  39. Hi, dose someone know, if i put a captain in a premium ship and then
    swap him in another ship, dose he get the relearn Penalty? For example: I
    take my Nicholas captain and put him in the Albany , play a few machtes and
    then put him in the Farragut, dose this work without the penalty? Cause im
    thinking abaout getting 1 or 2 premium ships for my diamonds just to swap
    captains if it works.

  40. 14:27 Tyrannosaurus Rekt

  41. The Furutaka was a nightmare for me LOL >_<

  42. awesome video as always Notser. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the
    premium US Cruiser the Indianapolis. Just a side note, thanks for helping
    me find my inner destroyer captain.

  43. I wasn’t a fan of the Taco, but I got my very first Kraken Unleashed in the
    last game I played in it.
    Overall I prefer how the Aoba plays, with the only exception being the
    limited firing arc on the Aoba torps.
    Its taking a while to get used to Aoba torps as I’m currently working the
    IJN and USA DD, BB and CA lines all at once and there are only so many
    hours in a day… I did keep my Kuma as it is always a lot of fun to play.

  44. Can you play Kongo, Notser? or i’ll eat my pizza

  45. Congrats on 12k subscribers. Love literally all your videos. Keep’em coming

  46. Lol, that Whyoming getting salty after sailing in a straight line for 2
    minutes and eating torps lololol. Yes! Good! Let the butthurt flow!

  47. 5.6 is looking like as a whole a very good patch.

  48. Notser, was atsf behind this renewed interest in the Furry Taco?

  49. Sergio Seminario

    I find that some destroyers are rather predictable. The best is to stagger
    the shots, and spread around where he should turn. It usually works and
    allows me to land 1-2 shots, even up to 14km.

  50. play the ishizuchi. XD

  51. Rudi vanoudenhoven

    i really hated this ship glad i passed it :)

  52. Holy shit Hoho, Fosho hahha!!! Notser you silly.

  53. fridberg jensson

    That Battleship player you killed was furious. It seem he doesn’t know that
    Japanese Cruisers (T4-T10) have torpedoes. I know he is likely new to the
    game but when it is pointed out to him there was now DD near him he should
    do a little research.

  54. I have the Aoba but i wonder if it is worth the time to get the Myoko
    should i get it?

  55. EternalGaming786

    I am now trying to play Furutaka again need to get Aoba lo, by the way Very
    nice Gameplay.. =)

  56. The Furious Taco was one of the very first ships I applied the lessons on
    AP I learned from your earlier videos and found a lot of success. I didn’t
    hate that ship at all. Plus the slim profile and torpedo systems made
    ambushes a snap!

  57. turret rotation give me cancer on this ship >.>

  58. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Her new Turrets for the C Hull in 5.6 look really nice, similar to the Aoba

  59. That_Unknown_Guy

    The thing i always remeber on some noster dd reviews or some cruisers that
    he says main battery in a weird way and i always remember when he says the
    crew skills and he says a concelment again if he had conselment on the

  60. 9:10 add some eurobeat astf style :D

  61. Amaterasu no Mikado

    Congrats on your 12k sub!

  62. Uploaded : 55 seconds ago :D

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