World of Warships: Furutaka, the Best T5 Tech Tree Ship

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An old ship that everyone disliked. Now she’s the best or one of the best tech tree ships at T5. This ship is just a joy to play.

World of Warships footage of the tier 5 Japanese cruiser Furutaka.
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  1. The Furry Taco!

  2. It’s been too long Aeroon!

  3. Well, this is neat. I’ve never caught an Aerroon premiere before, or any premiere for that matter.

  4. Furutakas are great, got plenty of broadside kills with my Kongo on them back in the day…

  5. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Don’t mess with my waifu or you will regret it!! I warn you all!!

  6. nurbsi von sirup

    Now I feel even worse … just can’t get this ship to work for me, despite having commited to the IJN cruiser line in OBT 🙁

    • Well, you have to take advantage of her armor. On top of that you have to remember that not every game is gonna be great.

    • i played its old version…and even then it worked well as a cruiser sniper with AP.
      just make sure u r always angled, focus cruisers with AP and HE the rest. u can also AP BB upper side armor if they r broadside.

  7. Andreas Müller

    I think the one true weak point the Furrytaco has is her short gun range, otherwise i fully agree with you Aerroon.

  8. You mean 7 ships destroyed 🙂

  9. Aerroon, please do a Mogami game ^_^

  10. Better than Emerald at T5. One of the best comment at Azur Lane. Btw i managed to cit angled Belfast with Furu, idk how.

    And oh btw, id love to mention that i requested the modern Hull Furu to WG before and it came true. Everyone just said it would be overpowered if they gave her the modern hull.

    On that matter, sometimes i played her old hull, the odd turret layout for two things.
    1. The pyramidal layout actually suggested a zig zagging pattern when firing in turn would increase her survivability. Also, there always 3 guns pointing closer to my target. The C turret pointing backwards.
    2. Better reload for torpedo. 3 a volley but i prefer this instead 4 with longer reload. Because of the spread.

  11. Whats your opinion on the Königsberg?

    i feel shes a beast at t5 but i have not tried the furutaka
    perhaps a bit fragile but insane range for her tier
    and you can shred destroyers and cruisers if they show a tiny bit of broadside
    with nice reliable damage vs battleships

  12. When I hear the commander say onee San, my mind: *YESSSSSSS!!!!!*

  13. I guess hers infame is due to new players having them deleted far away as 10 km, instead of the usual 6-5.5-4 km of Koenigsbergs, Omahas and Kirovs, while torping.
    And, as they say, nerf Aerron!

  14. I’ve citadeled a New York from about 8km in pre-buff Furutaka.

  15. I agree about more damage to CV’s 🙂

  16. This map to me is the most enjoyable in the game.

  17. I feel like you should use AP more often

  18. at LEAST let him know u got torps on the way. i ping map and tell him directly using text and the voice commands

  19. andreas pedersen

    Agree! Did struggle With my GC in the R sprint, so i switched to FT, and did very well! Had a 10 win streak and ranked out. First i sneaked out on the flank and got into a position where i could torp into their push , and used my guns to harass the ships who took a torp.

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