World of Warships – Fushun – Sooo Close

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These new Pan-Asia DDs with the Deep Water torps are mean. A pretty awesome replay from nekawesome. Enjoy it 🙂


  1. And that is how you snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  2. Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory…

  3. Fushun? Really? Gnevny struggles with 4 km torps at the same freaking tier. And this shit has 8km DEEP WATER torps?

  4. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    What they had to do in order to fix the Shima is improving the concealment both on torps and ship Is just plain stupid that a torpedo boat has same concealment as a gun boat Or even less if you see the new Asian DD And the torps is just a nonsense that the stealthiest torpedos in real life (IJN long lances) are so damm bad compared to the US, KM or even the Russian ones has similar or better torp detectability I guess we will have to wait and see how that stupid “solution” to Shima problem

    • They could make the Long Lances a unique type of torpedo like the deep water ones, have their own characteristics and such.

  5. Make Shima great again

  6. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    90 torpedoes isn’t a lot of torpedoes… I don’t think it will be an issue

  7. other than damage numbers, this reply is really poor. smoke camping DD with both teams playing poorly, he just got lucky against poor players so he could farm damage on those BBs.

  8. Perfect pronunciation for “Fushun”!

  9. A Shim 20k torps replaced with DW Torps, 67 knots, 0.7km detection
    then reload booster
    but only against BB and CV.

    That could be devastating. Potentially 30 torps within a 30 second period.

    But what if you are the only dd on the team. Big disadvantage, you can’t really cap and challenge anything there. The other team will just push and crush.

    I use the 12 k torps but I prefer to get within 8km to cut down of misses.

    Only noobs use 20km torps, but now… will be torp…tastic… out there.

  10. 2:13 Holy shit, it’ll be the return of the Kitakami!

  11. Wow, bad team; this game can be very frustrating sometimes. Match maker should be revamped somewhat to match player abilities. Many afk and bots lately also and no system to keep them out of games.

    • I don’t know why they don’t do this. They already have player win rate ratings in the database. It wouldn’t be hard. But if you were high ranked you’d have a really long queue. But it wouldn’t be hard to match a rank 1 with a rank 10 and balance on both sides for example.

  12. I just want that they delete AP bombs, i hate it…. about shima… thank you campers C:
    I mean is ok, but the high tier is so passive, every game with my Bsimarck (cos always I’m against 9/10s) is sniping and I can’t push, nobody wants to tank damage and I die, and sniping with a german… not a good experience

  13. I love when people give me broadsides at under 7km in my Atlanta. Hugely satisfying to just devour cruisers at that range. Even more fun when you sucker BBs inside 4.5km.

  14. Not sure why you showed that replay, it wasn’t a great game and he didn’t play very well. Seeing how the Pan Asia destroyer can be almost perma-smoked was interesting, but the replay was meh.

    He often shot torps when enemy ships were mid turn rather than waiting and at the end he got greedy and shot the British Cruiser rather than waiting a while which gave the enemy BB a hint that he was there leading to him changing direction and the CV then hunting him. Not great play at all.

    He was also massively lucky that the enemy let him get away with his shit on the flank, they could have easily dealt with him had they had any skill whatsoever.

    • Yes, and not every replay should be a flawless super unicum massive damage game, where all I say is holy that’s awesome, would you look at that. Sometimes, an average replay is good to offer feedback with

    • iChaseGaming Fait enough, guess it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, nor was it sold like that. In fact a couple of times you did mention how great it was. Guess I either expect great games with big impacts or else games where commentary is about what mistakes were made to help improve in the future. There was some of that to be fair…

  15. Seems like i will enjoy playing my Shima again….

  16. So what makes you the EXPERT?? Why do you think that everything you say is what should of been done?

  17. I reeeeally hope the do those changes to the shima. Sure kurfurst, activate your hydro. It won’t do you any good.

  18. honestly, I don’t think this replay is special in any way. Why did you feature this?

    • Sometimes I do a replay just to offer feedback on how to do things better to the person who sent it in? Is that so wrong now?

  19. hey man i was wondering if i could re-install world of warships with out loosing my progress

  20. They should change the domination mode to what it is in ranked. 2 cap points. Would make much better game play because too many random teams try the failed A C strategy and it’s not fun to play in those games.

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