World of Warships – Fuso Forceful Carry

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Fuso on Trident moves to middle of the map in a effort to find a target to engage. We see a cruiser showing just a little too much side, multiple enemy ships are also spotted. I try my best to land some shots on enemy cruisers. The enemies try their best to push the eastern flank, but the holds steady. Hope you enjoy the game have a wonderful !

Tier VI Japanese Battleship Fuso Replay


  1. hi hello yes

  2. Hmm….I’ll check if Noter’s video is up…oh look, it was posted 14
    seconds ago. o_o I’ve never been this fast before.

  3. Notser please play Nagato or Amagi next you haven’t played them for so long

  4. KK Pixy (SolowingPixy)

    epicenter is really campy. hate it so much
    also fuso gets into t8 games way too often. it’s not very competitive in

  5. That guy… Tom_Voke….jeez

  6. can I sent you a reaplay from EU server Notser??

  7. Yeah, Fuso’s okay… but it’s massive detection circle kills it for me.
    It’s dispersion at range is horrendous, as is its shell travel time. You
    could watch a movie in the time it takes those shells to travel to target.
    I seriously used the aim assist when the Fuso was the only battleship
    available at Tier 6, it was horrible.

    I honestly prefer the New Mexico. That doesn’t mess around. Even if I had
    the choice of going back to aim assist, I wouldn’t.

  8. Hey Notser, how’re doing today?

    I sent you 2 emails for replays. I hope you got them! GG in the Fuso game!

  9. The Lazarus_project

    FIRST COMMENT…. ahh dammit

  10. I’m going to make a shirt saying
    *No no no that was a….*
    *”kill secure!”*

  11. Notser, i feel as if even if the cruisers were angled, the shells would
    just over match anyways, the armor is too weak.

  12. destroyer good job tap at 3:45 haha

  13. From watching this I can tell you’re shots are consistently falling a bit
    short on cruisers. Also, you tunnel visioned on that Nagato and sailed in a
    straight line at a constant speed with a near full health Mutsuki less than
    10km from you.

  14. LeonaTimberCompany

    Love the Fuso, hate Epicenter……Nice Game

  15. I don’t feel you have to be so apologetic for shooting at targets to take
    them out, as long as you’re not *just* doing that. Especially when WG puts
    out missions where the criteria is getting kills, you sometimes see people
    not contributing unless they can get a kill which is annoying…

    … but otherwise, you’re playing a team game. Like you said, the team
    deserves the kills. And it’s not just about the damage you do to a target
    that helps taking them down, it’s also taking damage from them that doesn’t
    then go to your team mates. Which is why battleships sniping at the back
    and not putting their armour, health and repair ability to use in aid of
    the team.

    Just play to the best of your ability and expect everyone else will too.
    You might not always get the kills you want, and that’s the nature of the
    game. Don’t apologise for it.

  16. Great video as usual. A friendly suggestion, you can use your spotter plane
    to get a better angle on ships hiding behind obstacles. I notice you never
    use your spotter ship. -gonowgetdown

  17. so funny that guy at 11min calling you a P when you have 4 kills

  18. Epicentre is a gay gamemode just admit it

  19. 10:10 Notser actually chain fires to improve his chances of a hitting a
    long range target with low health!!! …and the audience rightly stands to
    cheer! If you’d only do it more! 🙂 Nice game dude!

  20. great vid Notser, lots of snuggles though. I’m getting really annoyed here
    lately when teammates run into me and the chat window clearly states they
    were at fault but at the end of the match I’M the one who gets docked
    credits and XP instead of compensation! WTF is up with that?!
    I need to start grinding the Japanese BB line, I free XP the Kawachi just
    so I could skip it cause I heard it was so horrible.

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